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Different Type Of Chair Cover

Spandex fabric,280gsm,exactly fitted for chair,various colors for selection

Chair Cover

Crumpled spandex fabric,260gsm,exactly fitted for chair,various colors for selection

Spandex Chair Cover

Spandex fabric,280gsm thicken material,with skirting around legs,various colors for selection

Chair Cover

100% polyester,satin glossy fabric,with open pleats on back side and 2 legs,various colors for selection

Chair Cover

100% polyester,satin glossy fabric,with open pleats on back side and 2 legs,With bowknot on back side,various colors for selection

Chair Cover

100% polyester,jacquard fabric,with open pleats on 4 sides,with bowknot,various jacquard pattern design fabric availabe

Chair Cover Production Process

Step 1:table cloth fabric weaving;

Step 2:cutting fabric according to sizes requirement;

Step 3:sewing stitching for border;

Step4:quality inspection and package for finished goods.

Chair Cover Manufacturer

Chair Cover Related Products

Spandex Fabric Ribbon
Spandex fabric,with ring,various colors for selection
Satin Fabric Ribbon with Bowknot
Satin fabric,with bowknot, not need to tie,various colors
Glod Blocking Fabric Ribbon
Glod blocking material,with ring,various colors
Glod Blocking Fabric Ribbon With Bowknot
Glod Blocking Fabric,with bowknow,various colors
Organza Ribbon
Organza fabric, need tie to bowknot,various colors for selection
Spandex Fabric Ribbon With Flower
Spandex fabric,with flower made by organza,not need to tie,various colors
Satin Fabric Ribbon With Bowknot
Satin fabric, with bowknot, not need to tie, various colors for selection
Satin Fabric Ribbon
Satin fabric, need tie to bowknot,various colors for selection

Chair Cover

Chair Cover Care Instructions


All new table linen,including table cloth,table cover, table skirting,chair cover,napkins need to be washed before first use to remove the detergent and extra fiber which maybe bring from production process.

Normal Washing

  • Arranging washing as soon as possible once dirty to make the stain deep into fabric fiber;
  • Different type of fabric material,make sure wash by separately;
    Warm water in gentle cycle is fineby machine wash with normal detergent;
  • Do not overload washerand dryer and make sure them without any rough areas which can cause of fabric snagging.

Washing Badly Stained Products

  • Firstly,break-wash in clean cold water (up to 35ºC) with a touch of detergent to soften stainthat has dried upon the fabric.
  • Secondly,wash at 60 ℃ about 6 mins and 80 ℃ about 8 mins;
  • Third,sodiumpercarbonate may be added to aid the cleansing process if necessary.
  • A gradual cooling wash to prevent the the table linenfrom creasing.


Cotton fabric table cloth and napkins strongly suggest do starching after wash due to its good water absorption,which can avoid shape changing and creasing.


  • Make sure the dryer is in correct speed to avoid any stretched, distorted and glazed.
  • Very Important:Over 80℃drying temperatures can create permanent wrinkles.
  • Take away your table linen products when they just dry.

Warranty Period:

One Year/If it is not caused by artificial damage, washing damage or natural aging of the product, we will replace it without charge.


Sample production time: 7 days.

Cost: free for samples, we can supply you samples by free to do lab test or wash test before officila order to make sure quality. For delivery cost of samples, you can provide me your express account.

Production Lead Time:

Normally we need 30 days in production for full set of bed linens ,bath linens for one hotel project, including bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, pillow protector, mattress protector, mattress topper, bed runner, cushion, bed skirting, towels, bathrobe, slippers.If something urgently, pls contact us first to discuss.

Chair Cover FAQ Guide

A chair cover is a piece of fabric sewn together to cover a chair.

Chair covers slip over the chair.

Chair covers are used to cover chairs when someone is having a function. Most wedding functions and banquets cover the chairs in white fabric.

A chair cover makes the chair look really great and finishes off the whole setting.

Spandex Chair Cover

1.What Is a Chair Cover?

A chair cover is a covering for your chair.

It is made to slip over your chair.

They cover the entire chair the back seat and legs.

2.What Is The Point Of a Chair Cover?

Chair covers are used to cover your chairs for different occasions.

Seating is a very important part of hosting a function.

A chair cover that is covered in luxurious fabric will do wonders.

3.What Are Some Good Reasons To Have Chair Covers?

There area many good reasons for having chair covers.

Chair covers are used to decorate your chairs/s making them look smart and posh. Different chair covers can be used for special occasions.

Chair covers hide any issues your chair may have for example stains, unsightly patterns of your chair.

4.Can You Mix And Match Your Chair Covers Around a Table?

Yes, you can mix and match your chair covers.

If you are using different style chairs you can use different style chair covers for your chairs.

At a wedding you can use Banquet chairs with chair covers and dress them up with bows.

The guests chairs could be folding chairs ans you can use Spandex chair covers and dress them up with bows.

5.What Are Some Tips In Buying Chair Covers?

Before you go and buy chair covers determine the model of the chair.

Banquet chairs are the most popular chair model you will probably have for a venue. Some types of chairs for your perusal for when you go and buy chair covers.

Banquet chairs These chairs can be found in most hotels for their functions.

Chivari chairs also know as Tiffany chairs, these chairs can be transformed into the  most beautiful chairs.

Folding chairs for a more casual seating when they have a chair cover they look really smart.

6.Are There Many Types Of Fabric For Chair Covers?

Yes, there are many types of chair covers in many types of different fabric for all occasions.

There is a variety of materials to choose from.

Polyester, Lycra Spandex, Sequin, Linen, Cotton.

7.Are There Many Shapes Of Chair Covers?

Yes there are many types of chair covers, they can be made for your shape of chair. Depending on the chair you want to use, chair covers can be made and there are stocks available at wholesalers and retailers.

8.Why The Importance Of a Chair Cover?

One of the important facts to have a chair cover is that it protects your chair from scratches and stains.

Chair covers will change your chair into a very eye catching design.

9.Why Do Hotels Use White Chair Covers?

White chair covers are used as proof to you that the chair cover is crisp, clean, and

fresh. You are made to feel that the hotel dinning room or restaurant are more luxurious.

There will be no colour runs, when changing chair covers, all whites make it easier

for washing process.

If a white chair cover is stained, it is easier to bleach away.

10.How Does a Hotel Decide Which Chair Covers To Use?

Each and every hotel will look at its budget and the most effective and presentable look and comfort for you as their guest.

There are many different types and styles and choice of fabric of chair covers to        choose from, each being unique in their own way for their guest to sit and enjoy the comfort.

Banquet Chair Cover

11.What Fabrics Do Hotels Prefer To Use For Chair Covers?

There are so many choices.

For dinning rooms a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend or a 60 percent cotton and a 40 percent polyester works just great.

Even suing a cotton/polyester blend fabric is duable and stain-resistant, you will    however need to treat the stain quickly especially if wines or certain foods such as curries get spilt onto the cover.

12.Which Chair Covers Are Durable?

The most durable chair covers are the ones made from polycotton and Spandex.

13.Is Gsm Important In Determining Which Chair Cover To Purchase?

Yes, GSM is important. GSM is the grams per square meter.

Bear in mind you good have a GSM but the fabric could be made with low-quality materials, which will lead to a less reliable product.

14.What Must You Consider When Buying Your Chair Covers?

The colour is very important, White is always a good choice.

The materials used to make the fabric for your chair cover.

The maintenance of the chair cover, it is recommended to purchase durable chair covers.

15.Which Chair Covers Are Good For Dinning Rooms?

Depending of the decor and space of the dinning room, and the occasion you may use any type of chair and chair cover.

You want to make sure the chair cover fits in with your space.

16.What Style Of Chair Covers Do Hotels Use?

There are many different styles, shapes and sizes of chair covers.

Each hotel will decide which chair cover will fit into their decor of their dining room to make it look very luxurious.

17.How Can You Dress Up Your Chair Cover On Your Chair For a Function?

You can dress up a chair with chair covers for any function.

Special dinner, engagements, valentines, weddings and baby showers.    Whatever you wish to celebrate beautiful chair covers will set the mood.

18.How Often Do You Change Your Chair Covers?

The hotel will change the chair cover after the function or

If there are spills or any marks or tears.

Hotels do have policies with regard to changing of linen.

19.Do You Wash Your Own Chair Covers?

Depending on the hotels protocol, some hotels will have washing facilities within the hotel and others will send out to laundries.

The preferred way is to have a laundry service, this procedure is more time effective  and benefits with regards to destroying of germs and drying and pressing of the chair covers.

20.Do Chair Covers Need To Be Washed In Hot Water Cycle?

No chair covers do not have to be washed on a hot cycle.Linen and cotton chair covers can be washed in a cold water with detergent.

You can give them an extra rinse.

21.Can You Put Chair Covers In a Dryer?

Yes, you can put chair covers in a dryer depending on the fabric and materials used. For Spandex use a cool to warm dry.

Remove as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary creasing.

22.What Is The Lifespan Of a Chair Cover?

Depending on the fabric and use of the chair cover.

If your chair cover is well used then you would have to change them, when your chair cover starts to discolour and look tatty, it is time to buy new chair covers.

23.Do Any Hotels Use Microfiber/Spandex Fabrics For Their Chair Covers?

There are hotels that will use microfiber and Spandex fabrics for their chair covers. Microfibre can look like linen.

Spandex is very durable and looks good.

If the hotel is on a strict budget then the hotel will look at microfibre for chair covers. They are affordable and durable and do not wear quickly.

24.How Do You Wash Microfiber/Spandex Chair Covers?

A microfiber/spandex chair cover can be washed on a cold, gentle wash with detergent.

25.How Do You Measure a Chair For Chair Covers?

You must measure the height and width of the chair back the seat and legs of your chair.

Here are some diagrams of different types of chairs so you can see how to measure your chair for your chair cover.

 Hotel Chair Cover

26.What Are Some Pros/Benefits For Using Chair Covers?

Your chair cover can change your entire dinning area.

They have a positive impact in your dinning areas.

Decor that will stand out for any occasion.

You can tie in your theme according to the occasion whether a wedding or special luncheon or dinner.

Easy to wash.

A huge variety to chose from in the marketplace.

27.Do You Have To Have a Chair Cover For Your Chair?

No, you do not have to but they serve a very good purpose.

Chair covers add a luxurious look to your dinning area transforming it. Chair covers will make your old scratched chair look fabulous.

28.Do Chair Covers Fit All Chairs?

Not exactly.Indeed we manufacture chair cover always request clients delivery us chair so that we can produce chair cover exactly fitted for chair. If not,it is really difficult to do perfect chair cover. So one chair cover only can fit the chair which request on produce.

29.How Do Spandex Chair Covers Fit?

As we know,the spandex chair cover fabric is with sketch,there are many types of spandex fabric,even same type,each dispatch weaving will bring different sketch,so when we manufacture spandex chair cover, we must request clients to delivery us the chair to exactly fitted test.

30.How Do You Wash And Dry a Spandex Chair Cover?

  • Use a mild detergent
  • Wash on gentle cycle by cool water.
  • Make sure you set the machine by a slow spin.

31.Does Spandex Lose Its Elasticity?

After lots of wear and wash,spandex will eventually losts its sketch.If wash and take care by right conditions,it will help to keep longer service life of spandex chair cover.

32.What Are Some Interesting Facts About Chair Covers?

Chair covers are called a antimacassar – is a small cloth that is placed over the back or arms of chairs, or the head cushion in order to protect your chair/chair original  fabric or material.

The name also refers to the cloth flap or collar on a sailor’s shirt or top, used to keep macassar oil (oil men used to make their hair flat and shine) off the uniform.

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