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100% Cotton Hotel Bathrobe
Soft Touching & Good Absorption

Different Type Of Hotel Bathrobe

Hotel Bathrobe

100% cotton terry material, kimono style,400gsm, color and sizes can be customized…Read More

Hotel Bathrobe

100% cotton velour material, 400gsm,kimono style,color and sizes can be customized…Read More

Hotel Bathrobe

100% cotton waffle material, 230gsm,kimono style,sizes and colors can be customized…Read More

Hotel Bathrobe

Outside microfiber fabric, inside microfiber material,shawl style,colors and sizes can be customized…Read More

Hotel Bathrobe

Outside:100% cotton,waffle material, inside:velour material,600gsm,shawl style…Read More

Kids Bathrobe

100% cotton,waffle material,with hood design,color and sizes can be customized…Read More

Hotel Bathrobe Production Process

  • Step 1:cotton or fiber turn into yarn by machines;
  • Step 2:weaving fabric by yarn;
  • Step 3:dyeing,bleaching and shaping for fabric;
  • Step 4:cut fabric to pieces according sizes;
  • Step 5:If require logo embroidery,do embroidery first by machine;If not, directly by step 6;
  • Step 6:do stiching and jointed all pieces;
  • Step 7:do inspection and package for finished goods;
Hotel Bathrobe Manufacturer

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Hotel Bathrobe


Due to all new hotel bath linen products ,including towels,bathrobe,bath rug has chemicals and lubricants on the surface bringing from manufacturing process which maybe harmful to skin and also will prevent the towel from absorting water.So it is important to do first wash to remove.Put half or three quarter towels into laundry facilities with full set of clean water to make towels fully washed to remove extra fiber that falling to towels from the air and chemicals&lubricants in production.

Routing Washing

  • Use a neutral PH detergent
  • Wash separately by different color
  • Remove odours with baking soda


  • Avoid leaving the dryer long time for high temperature
  • Throw a few tennis balls into the dryerto make loops fluffy
  • Don’t get out towel so early to let them fully drying

Warranty Period:

One Year/If it is not caused by artificial damage, washing damage or natural aging of the product, we will replace it without charge.


Sample production time: 7 days.

Cost: free for samples, we can supply you samples by free to do lab test or wash test before officila order to make sure quality. For delivery cost of samples, you can provide me your express account.

Production Lead Time:

Normally we need 30 days in production for full set of bed linens ,bath linens for one hotel project, including bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, pillow protector, mattress protector, mattress topper, bed runner, cushion, bed skirting, towels, bathrobe, slippers.If something urgently, pls contact us first to discuss.

Hotel Bathrobe FAQ Guide

Bathrobes provide that wonderful, luxuriant feel that hotels of seeming class provide as standard. They can look elegant and fluffy, and light and soft to the touch.

Hotel Bathrobes are easily maintained through washing or laundering to be packed away in the storage cupboard, preferably wrapped in a plastic cover to preserve freshness.

There are many varietals of white cotton fabrics available for the Bathrobe with different weaves generating coolness or warmth, depending upon the season.The choices are yours.

Hotel Bathrobe

1.What Is a Bathrobe?

A Bathrobe is a loose-fitting absorbent robe usually worn prior to and after bathing. They are made from a variety of fabrics which will offer different textures, weights, and absorption qualities.

It is easily prepared for washing and then replaced. Maintenance is fuss-free.          Bathrobe choices can be seasonal with warmer heavier constituents in Winter and cooler lighter ones in Summer.

Bathrobes lend that luxuriant, appealing and inviting feel that separates Hotel visits from homes.

2.Are There Different Types Of Bathrobes?

Yes, there are many different types of bathrobe in fabric and styles.

From Fabric, there are cotton terry,velour,microfiber,gabardine,Polyester peach,fleece,waffle.

From styles,there are shawl style and kimono style.

3.How Does a Hotel Decide Which Tpye Of Bathrobe To Use?

Each hotel will look at its available budget together with the most effective and presentable look and comfort for you as their guest within that budget.

There are many fabrics to choose from, each being unique in their own way for a good comfortable fit.

They come in many fabrics and designs which can be representative of the establishment and it’s core values.

4.Do Hotels Offer Guests Options For Their Prefered Bathrobe?

Yes, upmarket, and caring hotels will offer their guests a choice of bathrobe. If you suffer from allergies, then this is a good option when clients choose a hotel.

Furthermore, it shows that your hotel cares about the wellbeing and comfort of your guests.

5.How Do I Choose a Bathrobe?

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Bathrobe

  • Weather:If you’re in tropic area,please not select very thick and high gsm bathrobe.If you’re in frigid zone,it is better consider thick even Bi-layer bathrobe.
  • Water absorption:Terry cotton best,and then velour,waffle,microfiber,gabardine,polyester peach.
  • Length:obviously South East area and European clients need different size bathrobe,so you’d better measurement it by your most guests and prepare some spare for other sizes.
  • Budget:You pay what you get,so fitted for yourself is the best one.

Hotel Velour Bathrobe

6.Is Bathrobe And Housecoat The Same?

Not exactly. Housecoat means long,loose and lightweight coat wear in house.It maybe a bathrobe, but not exactly. Another issue,mostly bathrobe in hotel is white color, but not for household.

7.Why Do Hotels Have White Bathrobes?

White bathrobes are proof to you that the bathrobe is crisp, clean, and fresh. You are made to feel that the hotel is more luxurious, even if it is inexpensive.

When changing the room all whites make it easier for the washing process.

8.What Styles Of Bathrobes Are The Most Popular?

There is the cover-up bathrobe which for men covers from the waist down, and for women covers up from the armpit to the mid-calf or ankle.

Some of the styles one would need to consider are long or short sleeve; long or short in length; fabric choice; hooded robes, or pullover type.

Pockets will also feature if you want as well as ties or zips or button-down bathrobes. The design options are endless. Just connect to your vision.

9.What Is Shawl Style And Kimono Style?

Shawl style means there is a collar worn as a covering for shoulders of bathrobe,while kimono style without.

10.Can We Customized Bathrobe Sizes And Logo?

Yes,exactly. We’re manufacturer so that we can produce bathrobe base on your sizes. For logo,it is always required embroidery on left chest or left chest pocket.

11.What Fabrics Do Hotels Prefer For Their Bathrobes?

The preferred fabric for the bathrobes is cotton and waffle because it is breathable, sweat wicking, and temperature regulating and oh so luxurious.

The bathrobes can be natural like terry cotton, velour, waffle,microfibre or flannel.

12.What Is a Waffle Bathrobe?

A waffle bathrobe is made by 100% cotton waffle texture fabric,its weight is 230gsm. The measurement of the waffle square has different sizes,about 5mm to 10mm.Please pay attention waffle fabric shrink lot compare with other fabric for bathrobe,it is about 10 to 15%,so you need to consider your sizes requirement when buying waffle bathrobe.

13.Are Waffle Bathrobes Warm?

Waffle bathrobe is not a warm fabric due to it is not thick.It is always using in summer or tropic area hotels

14.What Kind Of Bathrobe Absorbs Water?

All bathrobe can absorbs water from the skin.But the fastest one must be 100% cotton terry fabric,and then velour,later waffle and microfiber.

15.Do Bathrobes Dry You Off?

After the shower, towels and bathrobes will be the most effective way to dry the skin water very quickly.But different material bathrobe speed should be not same,the best one is terry cotton,and then velour,waffle,later microfiber and flannel.

Waffle Hotel Bathrobe

16.What Is The Most Absorbent Bathrobe?

It is terry cotton bathrobe. It is fabric same as towels material and it is 100% cotton that it has good absorption on water.

17.What Is The Gsm Rating Of a Bathrobe And Is It Important?

The GSM rating of a bathrobe informs you about the fabric weight in grams per        square meter of a bathrobe and thus how warm the bathrobe is and how insulating it will feel wearing it.

The rating scale starts low for a cool bathrobe and climbs to in weight for a super absorbent and warmer bathrobe.

It is not advisable to use the same GSM bathrobe all year round although there are some, like the terry cotton ones which are rated for year-round use.

18.Is The Fabric Choice Important In Choosing Your Bathrobes?

Bathrobes are made in multiple options. Common fabrics used are satin, terry cotton, Egyptian cotton and Turkish Cotton, and cotton waffle weave provide good lightweight options.

Fleece, flannel,or micro plush bathrobes are excellent for chillier weather.

Egyptain cotton is more absorbent whereas Turkish cotton isn’t as absorbent, but over time will give a more luxurious feel due to how it wears.

19.Is Bathrobe Construction Important?

Absolutely ! Men’s robes fall either to mid-calf or to the ankle.

Women’s robes may vary in length, anywhere from mid-thigh to ankle. It should be loose-fitting.

See if the supplier can emboss or embroider your hotel logo on the bathrobe.

20.Do Any Hotels Use Microfiber Fabric Bathrobes?

Yes,microfiber fabric bathrobe include bamboo microfiber bathrobe,recent years it appear gabardine,Polyester peach fabric for 5 star hotel which is good at straigt and nice-looking.

Hotel Bathrobe

21.What Are The Most Comfortable Bathrobe Fabrics?

It should be velour bathrobe,it is 100% cotton terry material,but one side do cutting processing to let pile smooth and soft.

22.How Do I Know My Bathrobe Size?

Bathrobe length is the distance from the collar to the bottom edge.Width is the circumference of chest.

23.How Long Is a Standard Bathrobe?

Size Sleeve Shoulder Hem
Length to Shoulder Length
 S/M (size 6 – 10)  24″  18″  49.5″
 L (size 10 – 14)  24.5″  19″  52″
 XL (size 14 – 18)  25″  19.5″  54.5″

24.What Size Is a Medium Bathrobe?

M size is always in 48 to 49 inch on length of bathrobe .

25.How Many Inches Is a Full Length Robe?

It Is 56”inch on length and sleeve length is 22.5 inch.

26.How Should Hotels Care For Your Bathrobes?

Remove the robe belt

Turn the sleeves inside out.

The bathrobe should be washed every 3 or 4 wears in a mild detergent using half of what would normally be used for a wash so that detergent does not linger in the fabric.

Leave to hang dry, before re-use or before packing in zipper plastic bags if they are going to be stored. Cedar chips reduce moisture and keep them fresh.

27.Can you put bathrobes in a dryer?

Yes, you can but make sure the dryer is set on a low or cool setting and ensure you put the bathrobe out to dry off completely.

If you dry in high heat your robe may become damaged over time.

The bathrobe may have a care label from the manufacturer according to which the garment should be cared for, but usual best advice if machine drying, is to remove the garment before it is completely dry and to hang dry it.

To keep the robe light and fluffy add a half cup of vinegar to th wash and include one or two white towels. Run for the full cycle.

28.What Is The Lifespan Of a Bathrobe?

Over time the fabric of bathrobes can harbor fungal spores, viruses, yeasts, and      bacteria as well as sloughed off skin cells can begin to fade the colour and diminish the appearance of the robe.

The general replacement time is 2 to 4 years depending on whether you have followed cleaning instructions and maintenance guidelines. Rips and tears or just a worn appearance in the fabric are a sure sign that replacement needs to occur.

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