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How Hotel Bed Linen Produced From Cotton?

Step 1:cotton is turned into cotton yarn through 10 processes;
Step 2:the yarn is turned into a warp cylinder by machine;
Step 3:weaving fabric by weaving machines;
Step 4:dyeing,bleaching,mercerizing and shaping to the greige cloth;
Step 5:inspection all finished fabric by automatic machines;
Step 6:do cutting on fabric according to clients sizes;
Step 7:if with any embroidery design on fabric, do embroidery stitching first. if without, directly do sewing and stitching;
Step 8:do inspection and package for finished goods.

Grid Design Hotel Bed Linen

Different type of grid design availabel, can be done by 250T,300T and 350T

9cm Check Hotel Bed Linen

1 inch checked and 9cm checked design available for hotel bed linen, can be done by  250T, 300T, 350T, and 400T

Striped Hotel Bed Linen

5mm,1cm,3cm, 5cm striped design available for hotel bed linen, can be done by  250T, 300T, 350T, and 400T

Waves Design Hotel Bed Linen

100% cotton waves design of hotel bed linen, can be done by 250T,300T

Feather Design Hotel Bed Linen

100% cotton feather design of hotel bed linen, can be done by 250T,300T

Damascus Design Hotel Bed Linen

Damascus design of hotel bed linen, can be done by 250T and 300T

Sheraton Logo Design Hotel Bed Linen

Sheraton hotel logo design of hotel bed linen, it is only use for Sheraton hotels

White Plain Sateen Hotel Bed Linen

White plain sateen fabric for hotel bed linen,can be done by 250T,300t,350T,400T,500T,600T

White Plain Sateen Hotel Linen

Customized embroidery braid for hotel bed linen on white plain sateen fabric,can be done by 250T,300T,350T,400T

Trusun Linen
Your Reliable Hotel Bed Linen Manufacturer in China

If you need one bed linen suppliers  for your hotels or resorts, Trusun Linen will be your best partner to supply all your hotel bed linen products.

  • Due to air-jet loom automatic weaving machine requirement,we only use high grade comed cotton yarn to make sure our machine is keeping runnning which can greatly enlarge our bed linen fabric production capacity.
  • For fabric dyeing, we cooperate with China best bleaching facotry to make sure all our hotel bed linen fabric has nice looking in surface, soft and smooth touching, and safe in PH value & Formaldehyde content & Heavy Metas content,as well as standard shrinkage rate.
  • With over 18 years experience in hotel bed linen supplies, we have strictly follow by ISO 9000 quality monitoring system to inspect our bed linen fabric qualtity and finished hotel bed linen products.
  • In past almost 2 decades, we trainning many skilled sewing workers to ensure our stitching quality.
  • We have several professional sales team which experience in large-scale project cooperation,our teams can very well provide you reasonable recommendation on products and budget control.

Drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now!

Hotel Bed Linen Sizes

Hotel Bed Linen

Care Instruction for White Color Hotel Bed Linen
  • All new hotel bed linens(bed sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillow case,pillow protector)need to do pre-wash to remove dust, stray fibers.
  • Please usea mild detergent,half as much as normal washing in cool or warm water(30°C)
  • Please do not overload the washing machine to avoid great friction and damage on products.
  • Please use a tumble dryer rather than drying under sun, to avoid cotton bed linen products change to yellow.
Main Washing
  • Wash hotel bed linen at a maximum of 40°C in the main wash by a gentle wash and spin cycle programme. Select for a programme with a long rinse cycle to make sure that wash out any excess detergent.
  • Please do not overload the washing machine to avoid great friction and damage on products.
  • Please use a tumble dryer rather than drying under sun, to avoid cotton bed linen products change to yellow.
  • To minimize creasing when using a tumble dryer, do not overload and overdry.
  • Please remove thehotel bed linen products from the washing machine or tumble dryer immediately after wash and drying.
  • The best time to iron is when bed linenis slightly damp as it will be easier.
  • Set your iron to cotton and use steam whennecessary.
  • Please store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space away from direct sunlight.

Warranty Period:

One Year/If it is not caused by artificial damage, washing damage or natural aging of the product, we will replace it without charge.


Sample production time: 7 days.

Cost: free for samples, we can supply you samples by free to do lab test or wash test before officila order to make sure quality. For delivery cost of samples, you can provide me your express account.

Production Lead Time:

Normally we need 30 days in production for full set of bed linens ,bath linens for one hotel project, including bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, pillow protector, mattress protector, mattress topper, bed runner, cushion, bed skirting, towels, bathrobe, slippers.If something urgently, pls contact us first to discuss.


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Hotel Bed Linen FAQ Guide

Hotel bed linen is the goods used on placed above the mattress.

This may include flat sheets, fitted sheets, quilts, duvet covers, pillows, and pillowcases.

Choosing the correct hotel bed linen can have a significant impact on your operating costs.

 Hotel Bed Linen

1.What Is Included In Hotel Bed Linen?

To be more specific, below are what’s basic items included in hotel bed linen:

Flat sheet is usually rectangular using for cover and protector mattress,manufactured by different thread count to meet different hotel demand.Sometimes some hotel prefer use fitted sheet instead of flat sheet.

Duvet is basically a cosy, with filling microfiber or down feather in a shell and also protected by a duvet cover,using for maintain a sleeper cozy in trendy weather condition.

Duvet Cover a removable and washable casing used to protect the duvet,it is always produced by cotton or cotton/poly mix fabric in hotel,has different threand count range differentiate comfort level.

Mattress Protector is a thin layer always filling by hollow fiber to safeguards mattress against water,sweet,allergens,spillages and bugs,it is always with elastic band on corners to tug-in mattress.

Pillow Case is similar as duvet cover protect duvet, it is using for protect pillow from water,savila and others dirty pillow.

Pillow is that contains down,feather or microfiber to hold the head when sleep,there are always prepare firm and soft pillow to meed the needs of different guests.

2.What Are The Different Accessories Added To Hotel Bed Linen?

Bed Skirt, Dust Ruffle, or Valence

This stylish piece of cloth, also known as a bed skirt or bed ruffle, is put cover the box springs. It reaches the floor at the edges and bottom of the mattress. Bed skirts serve primarily to conceal the box spring, but they also offer softness, color, and design to the space.


Cushion or pad is filling by microfiber or feather, normally used for resting, reclining, or stooping,as well as to add some colors and designs for hotel room decor,can be produced by various color and pattern design on cover.

Bed Runner 

sometimes it’s called a bed scarf,it is a clothing using to decor hotel room to make it look more elegant and dynamic,which is always same color and pattern design as the cushion.

3.Why Do Hotel Bed Linen Feel So Good?

First, the cotton material of bed linen for hotels and the bleaching is better than others.

Second,The commercial washing use exclusive detergents and softeners to keep bed linen smooth and soft.

4.What Bed Linen Do Top Hotels Use?

Generally speaking, 5-star hotels will use bedding 300T,350T or 400T, with down duvet and feather pillows.

5.How To Choose Hotel Bed Linen?

If you want to have the best quality hotel bed linen, you need to consider some elements such as the following:

Thread Count

Thread count is one of the most often misunderstood elements when it comes to the manufacturing and design of hotel bed linen. The lower the thread count the softer the hotel linen is. Thus, if you want softer linen, make sure to choose the one with a higher thread count.

Below are the different thread counts and their uses:


The sheets are thin which is why it is often used in hospitals.


This is ideal for summer and in those Mediterranean countries because it is cool and light cotton. For hotels that require cool, crisp bed linen within the budget, this is the most preferable choice.


This is the best and most comfortable cotton product. It has a soft but substantial count. It is known for its durability and cool feel. This is the choice of most big hotels in the world.


Linens with this thread count are usually made using compressed air technology during the weaving process. It is a pretty luxurious, soft, and smooth fabric.


The majority of people agree that cotton is the ideal material for hotel bed linen. However, choosing a weave is equally vital.

Fiber Quality

You should also check if the linen consists of short or long cotton fiber. Even if it seems to be a little element, still, this plays an important role in providing satisfaction to the guests during their stay in the hotel room. Usually, those that are made of short fibers may easily break over time. That’s why to choose the one that is made of stronger and longer fiber because they are long-lasting.

Hotel Bed Linen

6.What Makes Hotel Bed Linen Important?

Hotel bed linen plays an important role in making the stay and sleep of the guests relaxing and comfortable. Hotel bed linen is essential for hygiene, comfort, warmth, protection of the mattress, and style.

7.Why does the thread count important in selecting hotel bed linen?

It’s one of a few factors to consider when purchasing bed linen, but it’s not the only one. It’s also crucial to consider the finish, fabric, and quality, as well as the thread count.

What is the definition of thread count? Thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of cloth in its most basic form. In general, the higher the thread count, the softer the cloth will be, so it is more recommended to choose thread counts above 300 for a genuinely luxurious feel.

8.What Is The Ideal Thread Count For A Hotel Bed Linen?

Each hotel buy bed linens base on budget,so there is no ideal one. What suits you is the best.Normally,200T bed linen is using in economic hotel.250T is using in 3 or 4 star hotel. 300T,350T,400T is using in 5 star hotel.

9.Is 1500T Good Thread Count?

1500T is work out by 10x10cm, convert the words into an inch of the algorithm,it is 400T. 400T is always for 5 star high-end hotel.

10.Why Does The Quality Of Cotton Important When Making The Hotel Bed Linen?

When making hotel bed linen, the quality of the cotton is crucial. Cotton quality is determined by growth conditions in the place of origin, such as weather, soil, climate, temperature, and also the kind of plant.Cotton grade greatly affect the lifespan of bed linen.

11.How Do You Know If Linen Is 100% Cotton?

There are 2 ways to identify is the bed linen 100% cotton.

First, delivery the samples to do lab test.

Second, cut small pieces of bed linen and burn by fire, if the burning ashes are ash only,it is 100% cotton. If there is grain after burning,it is polyester.

12.What’s The Difference Between Mercerized Bleaching And Calendering Processing?

The bed linen fabric processing by mercerized bleaching is better on the gloss and softness,as well as sizes stability.

 Hotel Bed Linen

13.What is the standard size of hotel bed linen?

Hotel Bed Linen Size

14.How to choose the right hotel bed linen suppliers?

When finding and shortlisting potential suppliers, there are a few crucial traits to look for.

Quality and reliability

Your hotel bed linen must be of consistent quality; your guests will connect bad quality with you, not your suppliers. You may also disappoint your guests if your supplier fails you with late delivery or faulty quality of materials. That’s why the supplier must ensure quality in all of the products.

Flexible and speed

The supplier should also offer flexibility and speed. Flexible suppliers enable you to quickly adapt to changing customers’ demands and unexpected events. The supplier should also meet the deadline and follow the scheduled date of delivery to ensure a fast and smooth transaction.

Value for money

The cheapest option is not always the best deal. If you want your suppliers to be reliable and high-quality, you’ll have to decide how much you’re prepared to pay for them and how you want to find a balance between cost, consistency, quality, and service.

Good service and clear communication

Your suppliers must either deliver on time or be honest and give you plenty of notice if they are unable to do so. The top providers will want to speak with you frequently to learn about your current needs and how they can better serve you in the future. Some of the suppliers offer training on how to maintain and store the hotel bed linen. Choose a supplier that can give you the best support and guidance.

Financial security

Choose a financially stable supplier so that the products are delivered on time. They must have enough cash flow to provide the needs based on the customers’ demand. A credit check will ensure that they will not go out of business in case you need them. That’s why it is more recommended to choose a supplier who has a lot od experience in the business and is already stable.

15.What Are The Things To Consider When Choosing A Hotel Bed Linen?

If you want to buy the finest hotel bed linen, you must consider a set of factors, including the hotel bedding’s materials and, most significantly, the advanced product quality. There are also other aspects to think about, such as:

The attractiveness of the bed linen

The initial touch provides a luxurious feel and look.

It is also important to make sure the sheets are thick and smooth.

The hotel bed linen must be appealing to the eye.

The finish should be neutral and unique enough to work well with any room’s décor and design.

Because hotel bed linen must be laundered, it must be easy to maintain and of excellent quality.

The manufacturing must be long-lasting so that you may use it for a long time.

The sheets must be standard wrinkle, as well as simple to open and tuck.

16.Can bed linen with embroidery lines washed by ozone bleaching?

No, Obviously. Due to embroidery lines are with colors.So bed linen with embroidery lines only can be color bleaching.

17.How long for lead time for a pre-opening hotel linen for 300 guestrooms?

Normally our factory request 20 to 30 days for all linen production for about 300 rooms hotel.

But if clients has any urgent issues, please contact our sales representative to negotiation.

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