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Both Down Duvet & Synthetic Duvet Available

Different Filling For Hotel Synthetic Duvet And Down Duvet

Synthetic Hotel Duvet

100% cotton 233T down-proof case fabric, filling by microfiber,300gsm,quilting box stitching

Synthetic Hotel Duvet

50% cotton,50% polyester,180T case fabric, filling by microfiber,200gsm,quilting box stitching

White Goose Down Hotel Duvet

100% cotton 233T down-proof case fabric, filling by 70% white duck down,30% white duck feather, 200gsm, quilting design

White Goose Down Hotel Duvet

100% cotton,233T down-proof case fabric, filling by 50% white goose down,50% white goose feather,180gsm,quilting design

White Goose Down Hotel Duvet

100% cotton,233T down-proof case fabric, filling by 70% white goose down,30% white goose feather,200gsm,quilting design

70% silk,30% organic silk mix down-proof,sound-off case fabric, filling by 90% white goose down,30% white goose feather, 150gsm

Hotel Duvet Production Process

  • Step 1:microfiber is turned into spray fiber by high-temperature stereotyping treatment by machines;
  • Step 2:sewing the duvet case on 3 sides,left one side to fill with spray fiber;
  • Step 3:quilting stitching on duvet by machine;
  • Step 4:sewing one side left on step 2;
  • Step 5:inspection and do package
Hotel Duvet Supplier

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300T Sateen Hotel Bed Linen
300T Sateen Hotel Bed Linen
100% cotton white color sateen 300T fabric, embroidery on duvet cover and pillow case
Microfiber Mattress Protector
Microfiber Mattress Protector
50/50 poly-cotton TC180 ticking case fabric,filling by hollow fiber,120gsm,elastic band
100% Cotton Hotel Towels
100% Cotton Hotel Towels
100% cotton single loop stripe bath towel, hand towel and face towel
Terry Hotel Bathrobe
100% Cotton Terry Bathrobe
100% cotton terry material,kimono style hotel bathrobe, 400gsm

Hotel Duvet Size Chart

Hotel Duvet Specifications

Care Instructions For Hotel Synthetic Duvet And Down Duvet
  • hotel duvet, pillows,mattress protector,mattress topperdo not have to be washed before use but only when.
  • hotel synthetic duvet, pillow, mattress protector, mattress topper:machine wash by a gentle cycle under 40℃, normal spin setting will be fine.For drying, tumble dry it on a low heat and make sure it’s completely dry and fully aired out before
  • hotel down or feather duvet, pillow, mattress topper:machine wash by a gentle cycle under 40 ℃,normal spin setting will be fine. For drying,tumble drying below 60 ℃ for 30 mins,and then cold airing for 5 to 10 mins to make sure take out peculiar smell after drying.

Warranty Period:

One Year/If it is not caused by artificial damage, washing damage or natural aging of the product, we will replace it without charge.


Sample production time: 7 days.

Cost: free for samples, we can supply you samples by free to do lab test or wash test before officila order to make sure quality. For delivery cost of samples, you can provide me your express account.

Production Lead Time:

Normally we need 30 days in production for full set of bed linens ,bath linens for one hotel project, including bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, pillow protector, mattress protector, mattress topper, bed runner, cushion, bed skirting, towels, bathrobe, slippers.If something urgently, pls contact us first to discuss.

Hotel Duvet FAQ Guide

A duvet is a type of bedding that comprises a soft flat bag filled with one of a variety of fillings, either natural or synthetic, and usually protected with a removable cover. It is easily removed to be prepared for washing and then replaced. Maintenance is fuss-free.

Duvet can be seasonal with warmer heavier constituents in Winter and cooler lighter ones in Summer.

Duvets give a luxuriant, appealing and inviting look to your bed.

Hotel Duvet

1.What Are Summer And Winter Duvets?

Not matter down duvet or synthetic duvet, summer duvet and winter duvet is different in thickness.

Nomally summer duvet is 100gsm to 150gsm.

Winter duvet is different on different area,for down duvet ,it is 180gsm to 220gsm,while microfiber duvet is 300gsm to 600gsm.

2.What Fabrics And Fillers Do Hotels Use For Their Duvets?

The preferred fabric for the casing is cotton because it is breathable, sweat wicking, and temperature regulating.

The fillers can be natural like down or feather, silk, wool, microfibre or hollowfibre. Down and feather duvets are most popular with natural fillings being soft, warm,    breathable, and hygienic

3.How Does A Hotel Decide Which Type Of Duvet To Use?

Each hotel will look at its available budget together with the most effective and presentable look and comfort for you as their guest within that budget.

There are many covering fabrics and fillings to choose from, each being unique in their own way for a good night’s sleep.

4.Do Hotels Offer Guestes Options For Their Prefered Duvet?

Yes, upmarket and caring hotels will offer their guests a choice of duvet.

If you suffer from allergies, then this is a good option when clients choose a hotel. Further, it shows that your hotel cares about the wellbeing and comfort of your    guests.

Bear this in mind when marketing your hotel.

5.How Do Duvets Made?

A duvet is constructed up of two pieces of cloth sewed together and packed with insulating material such as goose down, feathers, or synthetic fibers. A duvet is a puffy, insulating blanket that goes over your sheets to keep you warm at night.

Hotel Duvet Manufacturing

6.What Is The Expected Lifespan Of A Duvet?

Duvets should be replaced every five to seven years, according to the Sleep Council. However it is feasible to extend the life of your duvet. Duvet covers or protectors are significantly easier to wash than duvet and can protect your duvet from stains and dust mites.

7.What To Look For When Buying A Duvet?

  • Material

Both on case fabric and filling material,normally case fabric include microfiber,100% cotton,cotton poly blend and down-proof cambric fabric.

For filling,there is nature and Synthetic fillers.

Hotel Duvet Material

  • Size

Duvets come in the same standard sizes as sheet sets and comforters: single,super single,double,twin,queen,king,ex-king.

Exactly size,please contact our sales representive to work out base on mattress and duvet cover size.

Hotel Duvet Size

  • Cost

For hotel duvets,white goose down price is abviously higher than white duck down,then later microfiber ones.You get what you pay for,so all depends on your budget.

  • Thickness

Warmth and breathability are also crucial factors to consider. A lighter tog rating may be appropriate for you if you tend to overheat at night.

Choose a duvet certified for four seasons if you live in a moderate region with four different seasons. The feel of the blankets can be altered with duvet coverings, but the filling has the most impact

8.Do I Need A Duvet Cover When I Use My Duvet?

We strongly advise you to use one! Protecting your Duvet with a duvet cover, similar to using a pillowcase with your pillow, will help protect it from sweat, grime, and stains – and it can easily be put in the wash with the rest of your linens

9.Why Is Down Duvet Lumpy?

Duvet filling clumps due to trapped moisture, and drying it out makes the lumps simpler to remove. After washing and drying, smooth your comforter out on a clean, smooth surface,break up any clumps by running your hands over the fabric in different directions.

10.Is It Possible To Re-Fluff The Down Duvet?

Rotating and flipping the duvet will also assist to avoid specific portions of the duvet flattening out initially. Drying the duvet might also help to fluff it up. You may have a nice, clean fluffy down duvet by just throwing two clean tennis balls in the dryer with it.

Down Duvet

11.What are the natural fillers for Duvet?

Down and feathers are the natural fillers for Duvet.

There are two primary elements to consider while deciding between down and feather. Feather will provide you with a heavier duvet, which some people like.

The second consideration is, of course, the cost! Feather does not insulate as well as down, therefore more filling is utilized; it is also a far less expensive material to get, resulting in a cost benefit.

12.What are the Fiber Filled Duvets?

Microfiber is filling with synthetic fiber which is processing by heat setting to make shape stable, which give it an overall more silk-like softness and plump feel.

13.What Is The Difference Between Natural And Synthetic Fillers For Duvets?

This is the difference between awesome or utterly awful

Natural fibers are machine washable, durable, and biodegradable.

Because natural products are better insulators, they require less bulk than synthetic fillers.

If you have allergies, like to dust mites, then natural products should carry certifications against such things.

Synthetic duvets tend to be hypoallergenic because they can be washed at higher temperatures a lot more frequently.

14.What exactly is a Duvet Shell?

A shell and stuffing material make up the duvet itself.

The shell, also known as ticking, is usually made of strong cotton or synthetic fibers. To maintain the down and feathers inside the shell without compromising breathability, need down-proof fabric, preferably 230, is required.

The most commonly used duvet shell materials are easy to clean, long-lasting, and breathable. They are commonly found in white, cream, or gray, and can be used with any duvet cover design.

15.What is Box Stitch duvet, Exactly?

The duvet casing is sewed into equal-sized boxed portions with a box stitched duvet, also known as sewn-through. The Microfibre, feather, and/or down is then carefully filled into each square pocket. This implies that the filling material will stay within the section, guaranteeing a consistent, uniform distribution of filling and ensuring that there are no hot or cold patches.

Hotel Duvet

16. How To Measurement Hotel Duvet Size?

Width of duvet is equal to mattress width plus two times of mattress height if there is no tucked-in when making bed.

Length of duvet is equal to mattress length plus mattress height if there is no tucked-in when making bed.

For example,mattress size is 150x200cm,height is 30cm. Then width of duvet is 150cm + 2x30cm=210cm,while length is 200cm+30cm=230cm

So duvet size is 210x230cm.

If hotel would like to do tucked-in,then add this size.

17. How Much Centimeters Duvet Cover Should Be Larger Than Duvet?

Normally it is 5 to 10 centimeter after wash.

18.Duvet Size Is So Large, How Do It To Pack To Ship?

Finished duvet will be packed in PP bag by volumn by machine,and then put duvet into water-proof platic bag to make them minimum volumn to reduce the shipping cost.

19.Is It Necessary To Wash The Duvet Before Using It?

Normally, hotel will do pre-wash for bed sheet,duvet cover,pillow case,pillow protector,towels, bathrobe,but it is not certain to wash duvet,pillow,mattress topper and mattress protector.

However, if there is allowed,it is better to do pre-wash before use (even if they are completely encased in airtight packaging).

20.What’s The Best Way To Clean A Duvet?

We recommend machine-washing a duvet in warm (but not hot) water on a gentle cycle at 30°C. Unless your quilt is discolored, it’s advisable to go with a light detergent when choosing a detergent. If there are any tough stains, you should be able to remove them with your regular laundry stain remover.

Hotel Duvet

21.How Often Should You Wash Your Duvet?

This is not exactly requirement. Always hotel wash duvet when it is dirty or with stains. For down duvet, It may be due to wet weather to cause there is smell.At these time,you need do wash for them.

22.Is It Possible To Wash A Duvet In The Washing Machine?

Yes,we recommend to wash duvet by machine by 30℃by gentle circle.

23.Is It Possible To Dry Clean Duvets?

Dry washing is not recommended since it contains chemicals that can harm the filling. Professional cleaning is distinct since it is a specialized form of household cleaning.  Certain chemicals can dry up the down clusters, causing them to break down faster and lose their resilience and insulation capabilities. Do not iron or dry clean the duvet.

24.What Is The Best Way To Store A Duvet Inner?

Any bedding should be folded neatly and stored on a closet shelf. This allows for as much airflow as possible, allowing your comforters to breathe and warding off mold, mildew, and musty odors.

25.How To Deal With Smell Of Nature Fill Duvet?

In the rainy season, hotels are often bothered by the peculiar smell of feather products. Here are some tips to solve this trouble.
1. Place the product in a ventilated and dry environment for at least 3 hours to dissipate the smell, and be minded that do not expose to direct sun for a long time
2. Tumble drying below 60 degrees for 30 minutes, and then cold airing for 5-10 minutes. The peculiar smell might be even more obvious when it is taken out after drying, and it can be dispersed after cooling.

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