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Both Feather Pillow & Microfiber Pillow Available

Firm Pillow & Soft Pillow & Feather Pillow & Microfiber Pillow For Hotels

White Goose Down Pillow

Filling with 50% white goose down,50% white goose feather, 100% cotton 233T down-proof fabric, king and jumbo size available

White Duck Feather Pillow

Filling with 30% white duck down,70% feather, 100% cotton 233T down-proof fabric, king and jumbo size available

Microfiber Pillow

Filling with Micro- PP fiber, king and jumbo size available,100% cotton, 233T down-proof case fabric, with piping

Microfiber Soft Pillow

Filling with microfiber, king and jumbo size available,233T down-proof case fabric


Filling with micro-PP fiber, different size and shape available, microfiber cover fabric


Filling with micro-PP fiber, round, microfiber cover fabric,can customized sizes

Hotel Pillow Production Process

  • Step 1:sewing the pillow case on 3 sides, left one to fill fiber;
  • Step 2:filling the fiber according to clients gram reqirement;
  • Step 3:do stitching one side left on step 1;
  • Step 4:clean up the fiber that is stuck on the pillow;
  • Step 5:vocumn package by machine;
Hotel Pillow Suppliers

Related Hotel Pillows

Memory Foam Pillow
Memory Foam Pillow
Filling with medium density memory foam,removable and washable knitted cover fabric
Foam Latex Pillow
Foam Latex pillow
100% natural eco-Latex ,removable and washable knitted cover fabric
Buckwheat Pillow
Buckwheat Pillow
Filling with 100% sanitized buckwheat hulls,microfiber padded cover fabric
Cassia Seed Pillow
Cassia Seed Pillow
Filling with cassia seed and microfiber,100% cotton case fabric,health for neck

Hotel Pillow Size Chart

Hotel Pillow Specification

Care Instructions For Hotel Synthetic Pillow & Down or Feather Pillow
  • hotel duvet, pillows,mattress protector,mattress topperdo not have to be washed before use but only when.
  • hotel synthetic duvet, pillow, mattress protector, mattress topper:machine wash by a gentle cycle under 40℃, normal spin setting will be fine.For drying, tumble dry it on a low heat and make sure it’s completely dry and fully aired out before
  • hotel down or feather duvet, pillow, mattress topper:machine wash by a gentle cycle under 40 ℃,normal spin setting will be fine. For drying,tumble drying below 60 ℃ for 30 mins,and then cold airing for 5 to 10 mins to make sure take out peculiar smell after drying.

Warranty Period:

One Year/If it is not caused by artificial damage, washing damage or natural aging of the product, we will replace it without charge.


Sample production time: 7 days.

Cost: free for samples, we can supply you samples by free to do lab test or wash test before officila order to make sure quality. For delivery cost of samples, you can provide me your express account.

Production Lead Time:

Normally we need 30 days in production for full set of bed linens ,bath linens for one hotel project, including bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, pillow protector, mattress protector, mattress topper, bed runner, cushion, bed skirting, towels, bathrobe, slippers.If something urgently, pls contact us first to discuss.

Hotel Pillow FAQ Guide

Pillows have been designed and made so that you can rest your had with

comfort.There are rectangular in shape with a filling of many different stuffings from feathers to foam to polyester to name a few.

Pillows may be used for many species, humans and animals enjoy them.

The can be used for comfort on your bed for sleeping as well as throw pillows, decorative pillows or body pillows.

Hotel Pillow

1.What Is a Pillow?

A pillow is a rectangular cloth bag stuffed with soft innings to support your head

when laying down on your bed. They are very soft and comfortable.They can be used for humans as well as animals. Pillows are very useful around the house indoors and  outdoors.

2.What Fabric Do Manufacturers Use For The Outer Covering Of Pillows?

Outer coverings comes in mostly for cotton fabric,including 2 types.

First,200T,it is common using in synthetic pillow.

Second,233T,down proof cambric fabric,the feather pillow must be required for this type of fabric that it can prevent the down come out from the fabric.

Third,300T,down proof cambric fabric, it is also using in feather pillow but mostly it is for home textile due to its price really high that in industry project it can’t match the budget control.

3.What Kind Of Fillers For Pillows?

For Pillow fillers,it is mainly consist of 3 types.

  • Synthetic pillow, the filler of synthetic pillow is microfiber which has various types from its fiber length.
  • Feather pillow,the filler of feather pillow include white goose down,white goose feather,white duck down,white duck feather,grey duck down,grey duck feather.
  • Functional pillow,the filler include microfiber,cassia seed,lavender,buckwheat,latex,foam.

4.Are There Different Kinds Of Microfiber To Make Pillow?

Yes,Distinguish it from the length of the fiber,the microfiber can be divided into 2.5D,3D,7D,25D.The smaller the number, the longer the fiber, the softer the pillow is made.

5.Is Filling Gram Important To Pillow?

Yes, the filling weight is very important, whether it is a down pillow or a synthetic pillow, the filling weight is an important indicator to show whether the pillow is a hard pillow or a soft pillow.

For synthetic pillow,the heavier the weight,the softer it is.While for down pillow,the heavier the weight,the harder the pillow.

6.What Is The Difference Between Firm Pillow And Soft Pillow?

Some guests like the pillow to be a little higher and harder, and some guests like soft pillows, so when we produce the pillow, we adjust the softness and hardness of the pillow through the different fillers and gram.

Generally, the hotel will configure a soft pillow and a hard pillow for each guest, generally the front pillow is a soft pillow, and the back pillow is a hard pillow.

7.What Is The Difference Between Front Pillow And Back Pillow?

Generally speaking, the size of the front pillow is smaller, and the size of the back pillow is a little larger, so that the bed will have a sense of layering. There are also some hotels where the front and back pillows are the same size.

The front pillow is generally a soft pillow, which can be used with down or microfiber, and the back pillow is generally a hard pillow, which can be feather or microfiber.

8.What’s The Difference Between Feather Pillow And Synthetic Pillow?

The difference between the two is mainly in two points,

one is the price, the price of the down pillow core will be much higher than the synthetic pillow.

The second is the service life, the service life of the feather pillow can be up to 10 years, it will not collapse, but the service life of the synthetic is only 1 to 2 years.

9.Which One Is Better Between Goose Down And Duck Down?

First of all, goose down has no smell, and duck down is easy to have a smell.

Secondly, the price of goose down is much higher than the price of duck down.

In addition, the cluster of goose down is relatively large, and the elasticity and softness are better than duck down.

10.Do Pillows Go Flat?

The down has good resilience, so the down pillow does not flatten. However, the synthetic pillow will slowly become flat after a period of use.

11.Should I Look For Oeko-tex 100 certification For Feather Pillows?

Oeko-tex 100 means that the product is pollution-free and harmless to the person. Generally speaking, down products have applied for Oeko-tex100 certification, but there is no requirement for synthetic pillow.

12.Is Down Pillow Anti-Allergic?

Due to strict washing processing currently,down pillow is becoming safer to people with allergies to use.

But we still recommend you prepare several feather pillow in stock just in case.

13.How Does a Hotel Decide Which Pillows To Use?

Usually this is mainly based on the budget of the hotel, if the budget is sufficient, you can consider using a down pillow, if the budget is tight, you can use a synthetic pillow.

  • star hotel feather pillow and down duvet are a standard specs, and some feather free pillow will also be prepared for customers who are allergic to down.

14.What Is The Best Hotel Pillow?

So far, the goose down pillow, filled with 50% white goose down, 50% white goose feather is a more luxurious pillow for luxury 5 star hotels.

In addition, the full latex pillow is also a more luxurious pillow,most 5 star hotels will prepare about 10 pcs just in case.

15.How Many Pillows Should Hotel Match In One Bed?

For single, super single, twin or full size beds, hotels are generally equipped with 2 pillow one soft pillow and one hard pillow. For queen, king’s bed, the hotel is generally equipped with 4 pillows, 2 soft pillows, 2 hard pillows.

16.Does a Hotel Offer Their Guests Options For Their Preferred Pillow?

Yes upmarket hotels will offer their guests a choice of their desired pillow.

If you suffer from allergies, an upmarket hotel will cater for your personal needs but you need to tell them beforehand.

Usually they will prepare feather pillow,microfiber pillow, cassia pillow,lavender pillow, latex pillow, memory pillows, maternity pillow and cotton pillows for options.

Lavender Pillow

17.Except Feather And Synthetic Pillow, Do You Have Other Pillows For Special Guest?

Generally 5-star hotels will prepare feather pillow,microfiber pillow, cassia pillow,lavender pillow, latex pillow, memory pillows, maternity pillow and cotton pillows for selection to guests according to their special requirement.

18.Which Type Of Pillow Is Best For Sleeping?

There is no answer to this question, and different guests have different feelings about the softness and hardness of the pillow. It is best for the hotel to prepare different pillow for sleepers to choose.

19.Are Latex Pillows Harmful?

A true full latex pillow is harmless, it is a natural material. The price of the pillow of the full latex is very high, if the price appears to be much cheaper, it is basically doped with other things in the pillow, at this time you have to be careful to identify the label or find your supplier to figure it out.

20.Do Latex Pillows Smell?

Natural latex has a faint natural latex flavor, but if you encounter a pungent taste, it is likely that other raw materials have been added to it.

21.How Long Do Latex Pillows Last?

A true full latex pillow can be used about 10 years.

22.Does Latex Pillow Go Flat?

No, natural latex has good resilience, and there are many stomata inside to increase air flow and rebound.

23.What’s The Standard Size Of Latex Pillow?


Usually these two sizes, but there will be a slight gap in the size of different manufacturers.

24.Which Is Better Memory Foam Or Latex?

Of course it is latex pillow better than foam pillow.Latex is a natural material, is harmless, and has a good resilience, the service life is also very long.

The memory pillow is a polyurethane material, is a synthetic material, its comfort and service life is still a lot gap with the latex pillow.

25.What’s The Standard Size Of Pillow?

Conventional pillow generally come in 2 sizes, one is standard size by 19×29”,king size by 19×36”.

The size of the cushion is 30x45cm.45x45cm,50x50cm,55x55cm,60x60cm,70x70cm.

26.What’s The Stitching Ways For The Pillow?

The pillow border is ways stitched by 2 ways, one is double stitching,one is double stitching with core.

To distinguish sizes,soft or firm,some hotels will use different colors line on stitching.

27.Do Hotels Wash Their Pillows?

For synthetic pillow, not all the pillow can be washed,only washable microfiber pillow can be washed.If not,the fiber inside will become a clump.

For feather pillow, it can be washed when necessary that maybe dirty or smell.

28.Can You Put Pillows In a Dryer?

Yes.hotel down or feather duvet, pillow, mattress topper:machine wash by a gentle cycle under 40 ℃,normal spin setting will be fine. For drying,tumble drying below 60 ℃ for 30 mins,and then cold airing for 5 to 10 mins to make sure take out peculiar smell after drying.

How should you remove the feather pillow smell?

29.How Should You Remove The Feather Pillow Smell?

In the rainy season, hotels are often bothered by the peculiar smell of feather products. Here are some tips to solve this trouble.

  • Place the product in a ventilated and dry environment for at least 3 hours to dissipate the smell, and be minded that do not expose to direct sun for a long time
  • Tumble drying below 60 degrees for 30 minutes, and then cold airing for 5-10 minutes. The peculiar smell might be even more obvious when it is taken out after drying, and it can be dispersed after cooling.

30.How Often Should Down Pillows Be Washed?

Usually it is washed once every 6 months, or in the event of wet weather, the down pillow core has a smell.

31.How Do You Packed The Pillows?

After the pillow is produced, it is tested by machine to prevent the presence of a needle, and the sweep off microfiber or down on the pillow surface.

The pillow is then packed in an opp bag and placed on the compressor for evacuation packaging to smallest the volumn in shipping.

32.How Should You Stock Pillows In Hotel?

Usually the hotel will order some non-woven bags to store the pillow, which will be placed in a cool and dry place after being put into the non-woven bag.

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