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Different Type Of Hotel Slipper
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Different Type Of Hotel Slippers

Hotel Slipper

Velour fabric material, close-toe style, 5mm EVA sole non-slip bottom base…Read More

Hotel Slipper

100% cotton waffle fabric material, 5mm EVA sole,non-slip bottom base, …Read More

Hotel Slipper

Brushed fabric material, close-toe style, 5mm EVA sole, non-slip bottom base…Read More

Hotel Slipper

Cotton-linen material,close-toe style,3mm EVA sole,non-slip bottom base…Read More

Hotel Slipper

Pleuche fabric material, 5mm EVA sole,non-slip bottom base, close-toe style … Read More

Hotel Slipper

100% cotton terry fabric,5mm EVA sole,non-slip bottom base,close-toe style…Read More

Hotel Slipper

Stripe Velour fabric material,close-toe style,5mm EVA sole,non-slip bottom base…Read More

Hotel Slipper

Polar fleece material, grid design,5mm EVA sole,non-slip bottom base,close-toe style…Read More

Hotel Slipper

100% cotton waffle mateiral,2CM sponge,non-slip bottom base fabric,close-toe style…Read More

How Do Hotel Slippers Made?

  • Step 1:cutting fabric to pieces;
  • Step 2:press sole material to pieces;
  • Step 3:stiching to joint the case fabric and bottom sole;
  • Step 4:printing logo on case fabric;
  • Step 5:do inspection and package for finished goods

Other Types Of Hotel Slipper

Hotel Slipper
Pleuche Hotel Slipper
Pleuche material, open-toe style,5mm EVA sole, non-slip bottom base
Hotel Slipper
Waffle Hotel Slipper
100% cotton waffle material, open-toe style,5mm EVA sole, non-slip bottom base
Hotel Slipper
Velour Hotel Slipper
Velour material,open-toe style,5mm EVA sole,non-slip bottom base
Hotel Slipper
Brushed Hotel Slipper
Brushed material,open-toe style, 5mm EVA sole, non-slip bottom base
Hotel Slipper
Cotton Terry Hotel Slipper
100% cotton terry material,open-toe style,5mm EVA sole,non-slip bottom base
Hotel Slipper
Cotton-Linen Hotel Slipper
cotton-linen material,open-toe style,3mm EVA sole,non-slip bottom base
Hotel Slipper
Non-Woven Hotel Slipper
non-woven fabric, close-toe style,1mm EVA sole
Hotel Slipper
Coral Fleece Hotel Slipper
Coral fleece material,close-toe style,5mm EVA sole,non-slip bottom base


Sample production time: 7 days.

Cost: free for samples, we can supply you samples by free to do lab test or wash test before officila order to make sure quality. For delivery cost of samples, you can provide me your express account.

Production Lead Time:

Normally we need 30 days in production for full set of bed linens ,bath linens for one hotel project, including bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, pillow protector, mattress protector, mattress topper, bed runner, cushion, bed skirting, towels, bathrobe, slippers.If something urgently, pls contact us first to discuss.

Hotel Slippers FAQ Guide

Slippers and matching Bathrobes provide that wonderful, elegant, luxuriant feel that hotels of seeming class provide as standard. They can look elegant and fluffy, and light and soft to the touch.

Hotel slippers are typically lightweight and occasionally some hotels recycle them after washing if they are the more durable type.

There are many varietals of white cotton fabrics available for the slippers with different designs generating coolness or warmth, depending upon the season. The choices are yours.

Hotel Slipper

1.What Is a Slipper?

Slippers are loose fitting absorbent footwear usually worn prior to and after bathing. They are made from a variety of fabrics which will offer different textures, but will be lightweight, with good absorption qualities.

It is easily prepared for disposal or washing and then replaced. Maintenance can be a bit fussy.

Slipper choices can be seasonal with warmer heavier constituents in Winter and cooler lighter ones in Summer.

Slippers lend that luxuriant, appealing and inviting feel that separates your hotel visits from home.

2.Why Do Hotels Have Slippers?

Hotel slipper is to offer the guests convenience to move around the room and bathroom with a comfortable and clean wear. It is one of the most important hotel amenities to provide guests good experience and select factors.

3.How Do You Decide Which Type Of Slipper To Use?

Each hotel will look at its available budget together with the most effective and presentable look and comfort for you as their guest within that budget.

There are many fabrics and slipper soles to choose from, each being unique in their own way for a good comfortable fit.

They come in many fabrics and designs which can be representative of the establishment and its core values.

4.What Are The Most Comfortable Slippers?

The most luxurious fabric is the microfiber and cotton blend.

Terry cloth which is made from Turkish or Egyptian cotton.

These are the slippers which provide moisture-wicking, outdoor soles, together with memory foam lining seemed to most satisfy men.

Ladies love woolen, hand-felted slippers which are good wickers and double-layered insole.

5.What Are The Main Types Of Slippers?

There are 2 type of slippers,one is close-toe,one is open toe.

6.What Styles Of Slippers Are The Most Polular?

The most popular style of slipper you can have is the spa slipper that are open-backed and typically have a rounded closed-toe.

Often made with soft fleece or terrycloth, so they are comfortable, breathable and absorbent.

They can be inexpensive going up to a very expensive pair, based on brand, fabric, and sole structure.

7.What Kind Of Fabric Material For Slippers?

There are several types of fabric to produce slippers,including velvet,velour,non-woven,terry,brushed fabric,coral fleece,waffle.

8.Is The Natural Fabric Choice Important When Choosing Your Slippers?

Slippers are made in multiple options. Common fabrics used are satin, terry cotton, polyester fabrics, and others providing good lightweight options.

Open toe slippers are excellent for warmer climates and seasons, whereas closed toe slippers are excellent for chillier seasons and climates.

Because one steps out onto a bath rug, there is no reason for slippers to be absorbent but to provide foot protection and warmth against cold floors.

9.What Fabrics Would You Prefer For Your Slippers?

The preferred sole for the slippers is TPR or Thermoplastic rubber which is divided   into a soft bottom and hard ground and various bottoms, be they rubber, tendon or blow-molding bottom.

For the upper of your slippers, choose between Terry cloth material, which is considered the best, or velvet, brushed plush, or mesh cloth

10.Which Material Slipper Is Best?

Coral fleece material is better,velvet is also nice.

Hotel Slippers

11.What Are Non Slip Slippers?

Non-slip slippers mean the bottom base sole material is non-slip.

12.What Type Of Sole Total?

There are total 2 types of sole,one is non-slip,one is regular. But there is thickness difference of sole.

13.Is Thickness Of Sole Important?

Yes, the thickness of sole will affect the comfort of the slipper so that it is really important. Besides,different thickness of sole, the price is different.

14.Is Slipper Construction Important?

Absolutely ! Generally, the requirement is to protect the feet against cold tiles, so the sole construction needs to provide that insulation while at the same time being soft  and flexible like a second skin against the sole of the foot.

The uppermost part of the sole that makes contact with the foot needs to be in the same fabric as the upper.

The strap that secures the foot needs to provide a free yet comfortable fit over the foot and in the same fabric as the upper sole.

Check if you want the hotel logo embossed or embroidered on the foot pad or the foot strap.

15.What Size Is Hotel Slippers?

Regularly hotel slipper size is 28cm to 30cm.

16.Can You Printing Or Embroidery Logo On The Slippers?

Yes, you can give us your logo design,we will work out art-draft with logo to inspect first. Besides,the Opp bag or fabric bag can also be printing or embroidery logo.

17.How Do You Pack The Slipper?

Normally,when finished production,the slipper will be carried by a conveyor belt to packing machine which will pack each pair of slippers by opp bag.If you have fabric bag or non-woven bag, and put into this bag.

18.Can You Do Slipper Bags To Pack?

Yes, can do fabric bag or non-woven bag. And we can printing or embroidery logo on the bag too.

19.How Many Pairs Of Slippers Can You Produce Each Day?

We can produce 50 thousands to 100 thousands pairs of slippers every month.

20.Can hotel slippers be washed?

Not all types of slipper can be washed.Only cotton-linen fabric material can be washed.

21.Should You Venture Into The “Green” Slippers?

This is the difference between market leadership and just being a ‘normal’ hotel.     TPU bottoms or soles may be replaced with Bioplastics, Eco- PU and Natural rubber, latex, and cork, which are environmentally friendly in process and degradation.Polyester-based fabrics can be replaced by a range of recycled PET fabric.

Non-organic cotton can be replaced with Bast fibers like Hemp and organic cotton.

It may be a bit more expensive, but it will certainly help our planet and the hotel industry.

If you have allergies, then natural products should carry certifications against such things

22.How Should You Care For Your Slippers?

Remove the disposable slippers and place them in the trash. Hopefully they are somewhat biodegradable.

Recyclable slippers need to be put in the recycling bin.

There should be two cleaning tanks and a disinfection bucket.

The process: Wash the slippers with detergent. Put the washed slippers in a chlorine containing disinfectant to soak for 30 minutes. Remove and wash in the pure water  tank. Let them cool and when dry place them in a special cabinet for disinfected and clean slippers.

23.Can You Put Slippers In a Dryer?

This will definitely depend upon how they have been constructed. As a general rule the answer is NO.

The best way is to reshape them after hand washing, and then leaving them in a drying room to air dry.

Ensure they are completely dry to ensure they do not become smelly for the next


Please provide a warning that your slippers have been recycled

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