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Different Type Of Hotel Towels

Hotel Towels

100% combed cotton white plain towels, bath towel, hand towel,face towel,single loop or double loop available…Read More

Hotel Towels

100% cotton white color hotel towels, bath towel, hand towel, face towel, double loop, with customized woven logo…Read More

Hotel Towels

100% combed cotton,single loop, white color,with diamond dobby band,can be customized embroidery logo on band…Read More

Hotel Towels

100% combed cotton white color dobby band with yarn-dyed design,single loop…Read More

Hotel Towels

100% combed cotton,dobby band design, embroidery logo on dobby band, single loop…Read More

Hotel Towels

100% combed cotton,3-stripe dobby band design, single loop…Read More

Hotel Bath Mat

100% cotton double loop with dobby band design hotel bath mat, size and gram can be customized…Read More

Hotel Pool Towels

100% cotton double loop,different color can be dyeing,size and gram can be customized…Read More

Stripe Hotel Pool Towel

100% cotton double loop, orange/green/blue white stripe,size and gram can be customized…Read More

Hotel Towels Production Flow

  • Step 1: cotton turn into cotton yarn by 10 processes by machines;
  • Step 2:the cotton yarn is turned onto the warp cylinder by machines;
  • Step 3:weaving towels according to clients sizes&gram&logo requirement;
  • Step 4:do inspection by machine for greige towels;
  • Step 5:dyeing,bleaching and shaping;
  • Step 6:locking stiching and border sewing by automatic machines;
  • Step 7:do inspection and vocumn package for finished goods;
Hotel Towel Supplier

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Hotel Towels
Dobby Band Hotel Towels
100% Cotton,single loop,white color,size and gram can be customized,including bath towel,hand towel, face towel
Hotel Towels
Hilton Hotel Specified Towels
100% cotton,Hilton hotel specified dobby design hotel towels,sizes and gram same as Hilton Hotel requirement
Hotel Towels
Stripe Hotel Towels
100% cotton, single loop,sizes and gram can be customized, including bath towel,hand towel, face towel
Hotel Towels
Yarn-Dyed Dobby Towels
100% cotton, yarn-dyed dobby band design hotel towels, including bath towel,hand towel, face towel

Hotel Towels

Towels are customized products, contact us now to learn more details!


Due to all new hotel bath linen products ,including towels,bathrobe,bath rug has chemicals and lubricants on the surface bringing from manufacturing process which maybe harmful to skin and also will prevent the towel from absorting water.So it is important to do first wash to remove.Put half or three quarter towels into laundry facilities with full set of clean water to make towels fully washed to remove extra fiber that falling to towels from the air and chemicals&lubricants in production.

Routing Washing

  • Use a neutral PH detergent
  • Wash separately by different color
  • Remove odours with baking soda


  • Avoid leaving the dryer long time for high temperature
  • Throw a few tennis balls into the dryerto make loops fluffy
  • Don’t get out towel so early to let them fully drying

Warranty Period:

One Year/If it is not caused by artificial damage, washing damage or natural aging of the product, we will replace it without charge.


Sample production time: 7 days.

Cost: free for samples, we can supply you samples by free to do lab test or wash test before officila order to make sure quality. For delivery cost of samples, you can provide me your express account.

Production Lead Time:

Normally we need 30 days in production for full set of bed linens ,bath linens for one hotel project, including bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, pillow protector, mattress protector, mattress topper, bed runner, cushion, bed skirting, towels, bathrobe, slippers.If something urgently, pls contact us first to discuss.

Hotel Towel FAQ Guide

Towels are essential as they are used for drying or wiping your body after a bath or shower or to dry your hands.

There are bath towels, hand towels, beach towels and gym towels.

When buying towels consider all the different qualities and materials available, to ensure your guests enjoy them.

Guests will look to see if the towels are clean, thick, luxurious and well presented. Remember making a great first impression is of great value to the hotel. You want good reviews for future business.

Hotel Towels

1.What Is Hotel Towel?

A towel is a thick absorbent fabric that is used for drying yourself.The main difference between hotel towels is that the towels are basically white.

White towels are used as proof to you that the towel is crisp, clean, and fresh. You

are made to feel that the hotel rooms are more luxurious.

There will be no colour runs on a heated wash application, when changing linen all

whites make it easier for washing process.

If a white towel is stained, it is easier to bleach away.

2.Are There Many Types Of Material To Make Hotel Towels?

The raw materials commonly used to produce hotel towels contain 4 kinds, one is soft twist yarn, the second is combed cotton, the third is 100% cotton, and the fourth is polyester cotton blend.

3.Which Towel Material Is Best?

From a soft and absorbent point of view, soft twisted cotton towel is the best.

But from the perspective of service life, polyester-cotton blend towels are the longest in lifespan.

4.Is Combed Cotton 100 Percent Cotton?

Combed cotton is 100% cotton.

The difference between combed yarn and carded yarn is mainly due to the different spinning process leading to different tensile strength and break strength of the yarn, combed yarn in these two aspects will be greatly better than the carded yarn.

5.What Is a Soft Twist Towel?

Soft twist yarn in the spinning, do not complete the twist of cotton yarn, generally only complete the cotton yarn twist of about 70. Unfinished twist cotton yarn, due to the decrease in mechanical strength, will cause the terry of the towel to appear softer.

6.Are Soft Twist Towels Better?

From the perspective of softness and water absorption, soft twisted yarn towel is definitely better than combed yarn and carded yarn towels, but the price of soft twisted towel is high, and the service life is not as long as combed cotton towel.

7.What Kinds Of Towels Are Used In Hotels?

Hotel towels involve bath towels, face towels, hand towels, bath mat, pool towels, spa towels, fitness towels.

8.What Type Of Towels Do 5 Star Hotels Use?

Compared with ordinary hotels, the towels of 5-star hotels are generally combed cotton towels, and the size will be relatively large, and the square gram weight will be relatively large.

9.What’s Single Loop And Double Loop?

Single yarn refers to the fact that the pile yarn of the hotel towel is only one threads, while the double yarn is twisted together by two threads.

In comparison, single yarn will be softer than double yarn, and water absorption will be better, but the service life is not as long as double yarn.

Generally, 5-star hotels use single yarn towels, and less than 4 stars use double yarn.

10.Is GSM Important In Determining Which Towel To Purchase?

For towels, square gram is a parameter that reflects the thickness of the towel, the larger the gram weight, the thicker the towel, the softer it is, the better the water absorption, of course, the more expensive the price.

11.Can You Make Towels With Woven Logo?

The weaving process of hotel towels generally includes white plain, woven logo, embroidery logo, and with border.

You can provide your logo artwork and then our designer will give effective images to check if the towels you want.

12.Can You Make Towels With Herringbone Border?

Yes,we can weave towels with herringbone border. Not only herringbone patterns, but also other design of the border we can do.

13.Can You Embroidery Logo On Towels?

Yes. There are 3 kinds of general embroidered logo towels, one is embroidered on the edge of large satin border, one is embroidered on the herringbone border, and the other is directly on the terry yarn.

14.What Size Is a Hotel Bath Towel?

The general size of the bath towel is generally by 27×54” and 30×60”.Mostly for 5 star hotel,the standard size is 30×60”.

Of course,other sizes can be customized to manufacture too. Some hotel request 31.5”x59” and 31.5×63”.

15.What Size Is a Pool Towel?

The general size of the bath towel is generally by 30×60” and 31.5×63” and 35×71”.

 Pool Towel

16.Can You Make Blue White Stripe Pool Towel?

Yes.Blue white stripe pool towel is the popular in hotel pool towels.But some hotel request green white stripe or orange white stripe,we can custommized to weave but request minimum order quantity by 800 pcs.

17.Can You Use Bath Towel For Pool?

Yes, some hotels perfer to use white bath towel for pool towel so there is no need to distinguish and white color is easy to clean.

18.What Is Bath Mat In Hotel?

Hotel bath mat are used by hotels to spread on the floor of the bathroom to absorb water to prevent slipping and falling on the ground so bath mat are usually thicker than other towels.

19.Are Bath Mats Necessary?

No matter what kind of hotel it is, the bath mat is a must-have configuration. Because the bath mat is used to absorb water and prevent slippage, if there is no floor towel to cause the customer to slip and fall, this will bring great disaster.

20.Do You Have Different Types Bath Mat For Options?

The bath mat we produce usually have white plain, with woven logo, with satin frame border, and some of the special jacquards, like footprints, cobblestones and so on.

21.What Is The Lifespan Of a Towel?

Usually 100% cotton towels can be washed 130 to 150 times which means that they can last about 1.5 to 2 years.

22.How Do You Keep Your Towels Soft And Fluffy?

First of all, do not over-load towels in the washing machine.

Second, do not overuse detergents and softeners.

Third,Do not overheat and long time drying.

23.Why Are My Towels No Longer Absorbent?

This is because the yarn becomes firmer after towels washed for a long time, and it may also be that the detergent adheres to the surface of the towel to prevent water  from entering.

24.Why Do White Towels Turn Yellow?

First, the towel is made of cotton, and the product of cotton will naturally turn yellow slowly in air exposure.

Second, detergent adhering to the surface of the towel will also turn yellow.

25.Do You Wash New Towels In Hot Or Cold Water?

All new towels are to be pre-washed, it is best not to overload the towel, with a washing pre-washed towel 3-4 times to wash off the surface of the floating hair and dust by warm water in 30 to 40 ℃。

26.Why Do Some Towels Not Absorb Water?

Because the towel is the original color after it is produced, the white color is actually by bleaching process. If in bleaching, the bleach and softener detergent are added more, the extra bleach and softener will adhere to the surface of the towel, which will cause the towel not absorb water. You just need to send the towel to the laundry for pre-washing 3-4 times of clean water to solve this problem.

27.Do You Have Any Ways To Extend Of Towel Border Lifespan Which Is Easy Broken In Washing?

As we known, hotel towels start to break from the side border, because during the washing process, the friction between the side and the side is the greatest. In order to solve this problem, we had improved the edges of our towels, changing the edges to more durable satin edges, so that the service life can be increased by 40%.

28.Is Cotton Polyester Blend Material Towel Soft?

In fact, the cotton polyester blended towel is only the bottom layer of the yarn is with polyester,but the pile yarn of the towel is still 100% cotton, so it does not affect the softness and water absorption of the towel, on the contrary, the service life of the cotton polyester blended towel will be longer.

29.Is Spa Towels Same As Guestroom Towels?

The towels in the spa are also divided into bath towels, face towels and hand towels, but spa towels generally use double loop and usually embroidered with a logo.

30.Is Any Hotel Use Bamboo Terry Towel?

Bamboo fiber towel yarn is more delicate, so the softness is better, but the yarn is not strong enough, the tensile strength is relatively small, so it is not suitable for a large number of use in the hotel.

Hotel towels to be washed every day, bamboo fiber towel service life is not as long as cotton, if you use bamboo fiber towels, the cost of the hotel will be greatly increased.

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