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Projects We Had Work For Bed Linen

Fully supply bed linen and bath linen for these hotels,resorts,hospital,accommadations
Hotel Bed Linen
We provide them for hotel bed sheet,duvet cover, pillow case for guestroom
Hotel Bed Linen
We provide them all bed linen and towels,bathrobe for guestroom
Hotel Linen
We provide them all bed linen and bath linen for their guestroom
Resort Linen
We provide them all bed linen and towels, bathrobe for their rooms

Projects We Had Work For Table Linen

Fully supply banquet linen,restaurant linen,event linen,F&B linen
Table Linen
We provide them for cotton table cloth and napkins for western restaurant
Table Linen
We provide them table cloth,chair cover and other F&B linens and event linens
Table Linen
We provide them banquet chair cover for their ball room and meeting room
Chair Cover
We provide them for banquet chair cover for ball room and meeting room

What Brands We Had Cooperated

Hotel Linen
Kempinski Hotel
Hotel Linen
Le Meridien Hotel
Hotel Linen
Shangri-La Residence
Hotel Linen
Conrad Hotel
Hotel Linen
Jumeirah Hotel
Hotel Linen
Wyndham Hotel
Hotel Linen
Crowne Plaza
Hotel Linen
Millennium Hotel
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Hotel Linen FAQ Guide

Hotel linen is all textile products using in hotel and resorts.

All of these are important to improve the entire quality of the hotel guestroom and catering room.

The first thing the guest notices upon entering the room is the white and clean linens. This is why choosing the right one can provide a restful and comfortable stay in the hotel.

 Hotel Linen

1.Why Are Linens Important In Hotels?

The first thing guests see when they arrive at the hotel is the cleanliness of the bedding and the room. Clean bedding will help the hotel retain potential customers.

Secondly, guests spend most of their time in the hotel bed, so the comfort of the bedding largely determines whether the guests can have a good sleep, which will increase the customer’s stickiness to the hotel.

2.What Does Hotel Linen Include?

Hotel linen mainly include 3 parts,

First.bed linen which contains bed sheet(fitted sheet),duvet cover,pillow case,pillow protector,mattress protector (mattress pad),mattress topper,bed runner, cushions,bed skirting,laundry bag;

Second,bath linen,it is constituted by bath towel,hand towel,face towel(face cloth),bath mat,bath rug,bathrobe,shower curtain;

Third,catering linen,it is composed of table cloth,table cover,table skirting,chair cover,napkins,glass cloth,place mat,coaster,ribbon;

3.What Is Par Stock In Hospitality Industry?

In the hospitality industry, the word par stock is made use of to identify the demands requirement by the hotel or resort on daily,as well as the minimum amount of goods required to fill up these demands,in order to ensure smoothness operation running of hotels.

4.How to CalculateBed Linen Par Levels?

Bed Linen mainly split into 2 parts,the Par level is different for these two.

items needed washed everyday,such as bed sheet,duvet cover,pillow case,pillow protector,par level for this part is 3 to 4.At least 3 par due to on par is for using, one par is in laundry,one par is for replacing. There will be prepared more for sparing.

Items not need washed everyday,such as mattress pad,mattress topper,duvet,pillow,bed runner,cushion,bed skirting, is is 1.1 to 1.15 par enough.

5.How To Work Out Towels & Bathrobe Par Levels?

Towels and Bathrobe need to be washed everyday,so the minimum par level is 3.If budget enough,it can be prepared by 3.5 or 4 par.

 Hotel Linen

6.What Is The Ideal Par Level Of Linens For A Hotel?

For items need washed everyday, the best par level is 3.5 to balance on demands and budget.

For items not need washed everyday,the best par level is 1.1.

7.What Need To Consider While Purchasing Of Linen?

The housekeeping department is responsible for determining the need to buy hotel linen but the purchasing department is in charge of buying the linen. They usually examined three areas on quantity ,quality and sizes before they purchase.

a) Quantity

The amount of linen needed would be determined by several factors, as listed below:

– How big the hotel is?

– What is the occupancy percentage of the hotel?

– Do you have an in-house or contracted laundry facility?

– Does the hotel have enough storage space for the linen?

Usually, a hotel must at least have three sets of linen available to complete one operation cycle.

b) Quality

When purchasing the linen, it should be cost-effective and high-quality within the budget. Here are some factors that must be considered:

c) Material

      For bed sheet,duvet cover,pillow case,100% cotton is better in comfortess,while cotton polyester blend is in longer lifespan.

For duvet,pillow and mattress topper, feather products is good at breathable,but price are higher.While synthetic items can be in budget control.

d) Thread Count

This refers to the total number of warps and wefts in one square inch of fabric. Normally 200T is for budget hotel, 250T for 3 star and 4 star hotel, 300T to 400T is for 5 star hotel.

e) Credible manufacturers

     Normally linen order,no matter pre-opening linen or replenish order,order amount is not small that it is better find out good reputation supplier. If possible, try to get samples to do wash test before order.

f) Size

When choosing the hotel linen, the right size should be considered because it can affect the affect how the linen looks and the overall operation of the hotel.It is import to note that you need make clear with supplier for shrinkate rate of linen,and you must to reserve shrink sizes.

8.Except Quantity, Quality and Sizes,What Others You Need To Pay Attention On Procurement Hotel Linen?


  • To avoid buying excess items, estimates should be made accurate before the purchase.
  • When making orders, there should be accurate specifications, particularly in terms of sizes.
  • Ask for samples of the linen and rub it together to test for the amount of “dressing” that falls out.
  • When assessing the samples, look at the laundering effects such as the changes in color and shape.
  • Check if the stitching of materials is strong by looking into its weave and selvedge.
  • For every linen item in stock, there should be a purchase index card for maintenance.
  • There should be an agreement with the supplier regarding the methods of transportation.
  • There should also be an agreement if the quality of the linen is not correct in which proper negotiations such as replacement must be made with no additional charges on the part of the buyer.
  • Choose the right supplier based on the level of the hotel and with referrals from other clients.

9.How Long Does Linen Last?

Generally speaking, if the washing in right condition and detergent, bed sheet,duvet cover,pillow case, towels and bathrobe can be washed about 150 to 180 times. If there is 3 par prepare for linen, it means that it can last 1.5 year.

For duvet,pillow,mattress pad,mattress topper,its service life about 5 to 7 years.

10.What Are The Services Offered By Hotel Linen Manufacturers?

  • First,the supplier can configure size and quantity of necessary items of linen base on your hotel quantity and aim positioning.
  • Second,offer prices to do budget.
  • Third,Provide samples to do mock-up room.
  • Fourth,Delivery samples to do wash test first before order.
  • Fifth,Arrange all shipping and delivery.
  • Sixth,Provide guarantee after service.
  • Seventh,Give advises on care instruction.

Hotel Linen

11.What Material Is Hotel Linen?

Hotel linen include bed sheet,duvet cover,pillow case,these items are 100% cotton or cotton polyester blend material.

There are mainly 2 types material for duvet ,pillow and mattress topper,one is nature by down and feather, another one is microfiber.

Towel and bathrobe are made by 100% cotton.

Chair cover,table cloth are made by polyester.

12.What Are The Most Popular Linens Used In Hotels?

Different hotels prefer different linens,

Mostly cotton bed linen,cotton bath linen and microfiber duvet & pillow for 3 to 4 star hotel.

Cotton bed linen,cotton bath linen and feather duvet duvet & pillow for 5 star hotel.

13.What Linens Do 5 Star Hotels Use?

Normally it is 300T to 400T bed sheet,duvet cover,pillow case for 5 star hotel. For duvet,pillow and mattress topper, it is always by feather.

Table cloth,table cover, chair cover is always by damask fabric.

14.Why Is Hotel Linen White?

One of the things you may notice upon entering the hotel room is the white linen from the bedroom to the bathroom. Using white linens proves how the hotel maintains its quality in terms of cleanliness.

Another reason is white creates an impression of luxury, especially when the linen has higher thread counts for durability and comfort.

White hotel is also easier to clean. The staff won’t have problems combining the white linens in the washing machine as they may not have any color mixing.

White linen can also go well with any kind of décor of the hotel. Hence, it is easier for the hotel owners to create many kinds of themes/vibes inside the rooms.

15.How Should Linen Be Stored In A Hotel?

To protect the hotel linen, it should be stored properly in a climate-controlled room. For example, the towels used for swimming outside should not be left outside because the acid rain can damage them.

Linens should be kept inside a cool and dry place. If it is stored inside a cabinet, it must be dry to avoid staining and discoloration of the linens. The hotel linens should not also be kept inside a plastic container to prevent mildew to grow.

It is recommended to store the hotel linens inside fabric-friendly bags to avoid them from being exposed to dust and other dirt. The fabric bag should be fresh to also maintain the freshness of the linens. Circulation can be enhanced by segregating the linens away from acid-free paper.

 Hotel Linen

16.What Are The Standard Size Of Linen?

Usually the hotel’s beds have ex-king, king, queen, twin, double, super single, single size,all bed linens sizes are worked out by exactly centimeter or inch. If you need exactly sizes,please contact our sale representive to calculate.

17.What Is The Minimum Order Quantity Of Linens?

If book all white linen together,there is no MOQ requirement.

If book items separately, it is required 200 pcs each.

18.How Do Hotels Wash The Linens?


  • All new hotel bed linens(bed sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillow case,pillow protector)need to do pre-wash to remove dust, stray fibers.
  • Please use a mild detergent,half as much as normal washing in cool or warm water(30°C)
  • Please do not overload the washing machine to avoid great friction and damage on products.
  • Please use a tumble dryer rather than drying under sun, to avoid cotton bed linen products change to yellow.

Main Washing

  • Wash hotel bed linen at a maximum of 40°C in the main wash by a gentle wash and spin cycle programme. Select for a programme with a long rinse cycle to make sure that wash out any excess detergent.
  • Please do not overload the washing machine to avoid great friction and damage on products.


  • Please use a tumble dryer rather than drying under sun, to avoid cotton bed linen products change to yellow.
  • To minimize creasing when using a tumble dryer, do not overload and overdry.
  • Please remove thehotel bed linen products from the washing machine or tumble dryer immediately after wash and drying.


  • The best time to iron is when bed linenis slightly damp as it will be easier.
  • Set your iron to cotton and use steam whennecessary.

19.Does Linen Shrink When Washed?

Yes,absolutely.100% cotton material linens shrinkage rate is about 5%,whitel cotton-polyester blend material is about 3%.

100% polyester for table cloth,chair cover,there will be no shrink.

20.Can I put Linen In The Dryer?

Yes,can.But don’t put linen under sunlight which will cause linen change to yellow.

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