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Hotel Table Linen Productive Process

Trusun Linen is one of leading manufacturer with a experienced sewing team to finish table linen producing. It is one of key point for table linen looking on stitching quality which seems like as high-end talored suites.Luckly ,Trusun has a skilled sewing team that all workers with over 10 years experience in hotel table linen manufacture to ensure all finished products quality and perfect looking.


Cotton Table Cloth

100% cotton sateen fabric,with jacquard pattern design, different color available

Table Cloth

Damask sateen fabric, can be done on overlay and underlay, different color available

Table Covers

Spandex fabric,280gsm,different color available,sizes can be customized

Meeting Table Cloth

Wool fabric material,with Seating opening on 1 Long side with 9″ drop with 8″ width side panels on both left and right sides

Table Runner

Satin fabric,different color for selection,flat angle or closed angle style avaialble

Table Skirting

Flocking material,box style,with pleats,different color available, sizes can be customized

Banquet Chair Cover

Satin glossy fabric material,fitted for banquet chair cover,open pleat on back side and two legs

Spandex Chair Cover

Spandex material,280gsm, sizes exactly fitted for chair,various colors for selection

Cotton Napkins

100% cotton sateen fabric,with satin band,various colors for selection, sizes can be customized

Trusun Linen: Your Reliable Hotel Table Linen Manufacturer in China

If your hotel needs table linens, Trusun Linen willl be your best partner to supply all your ballroom linen products.

Trusun linen has different materials of table cloth fabrics, including cotton, polyester, damask,velvet,flocking fabric… to meet the demands of different functional restaurants in different hotels and resorts. While we have hundreds of pattern design types, and each pattern design has about 10 colors to meet the requirements of different decoration style.

For table linen, material is one of the aspects, and the craft is also very important, a good craft can make the finished product look perfect and excellent fitted, such as high-end custom suites.Trusun has a sewing team all over 10 years experience to competent for this task.

Drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now!

Which Type Of Fabric To Choose For Your Table Linen?

As we know,there are various type of fabric material to make table linen. Then How to choose right fabric for table linen? First of all,we need know what’s difference between these fabric. And then we can select according to table setting and decoration.


This is one of the most common materialsfor table linen,it is a natural fiber which is famous for its softness and absorption.Meanwhile, due to this 2 feature,cotton fabric is easy shrunken and distortion after wash and drying if size is too big. So it is only recommended to use cotton fabric on small size table linen products,such as western restaurant table cloth and napkins.

Jacquard Polyester

This is a synthetic fibre that various in colors and jacquard design for selection to fitted table setting and decoration.It is also featured for its shrinkage rate is almost zero which no matter how to wash its sizes&shape&color will be not changed.


This is a pretty fabric made mix from silk and polyester by various in colors with both shinning and mattle option according to designer ideal.Because of polyester material, it also has features like as jacquard polyester on non-shrunken,non-distortion and non-shape changing.


This is a newly-developed fabric which idea from curtain,that also made mix from silk and polyester. It is famous for its pretty drop-falling,softness and various in colors.Further more ,due to its yarn construction, it is non-scarping.


It is really very luxury nature fiber fabric which make it pricey.It is good at in softness and absorption which also bring easy in shape changing,so only suggest on small size table cloth and napkins.


It is polyester fabric which also using in table cover and chair cover.It is well in non-shrunken,non-crinkle,and pretty-looking on shape.Meanwhile,it is affordable and long in service life.

Table Linen Care Instructions


All new table linen,including table cloth,table cover, table skirting,chair cover,napkins need to be washed before first use to remove the detergent and extra fiber which maybe bring from production process.

Normal Washing

  • Arranging washing as soon as possible once dirty to make the stain deep into fabric fiber;
  • Different type of fabric material,make sure wash by separately;
  • Warm water in gentle cycle is fineby machine wash with normal detergent;
  • Do not overload washerand dryer and make sure them without any rough areas which can cause of fabric snagging.

Washing Badly Stained Products

  • Firstly,break-wash in clean cold water (up to 35ºC) with a touch of detergent to soften stainthat has dried upon the fabric.
  • Secondly,wash at 60 ℃ about 6 mins and 80 ℃ about 8 mins;
  • Third,sodiumpercarbonate may be added to aid the cleansing process if necessary.
  • A gradual cooling wash to prevent the the table linenfrom creasing.


Cotton fabric table cloth and napkins strongly suggest do starching after wash due to its good water absorption,which can avoid shape changing and creasing.


  • Make sure the dryer is in correct speed to avoid any stretched, distorted and glazed.
  • Very Important:Over 80℃drying temperatures can create permanent wrinkles.
  • Take away your table linen products when they just dry.

Warranty Period:

One Year/If it is not caused by artificial damage, washing damage or natural aging of the product, we will replace it without charge.


Sample production time: 7 days.

Cost: free for samples, we can supply you samples by free to do lab test or wash test before officila order to make sure quality. For delivery cost of samples, you can provide me your express account.

Production Lead Time:

Normally we need 30 days in production for full set of bed linens ,bath linens for one hotel project, including bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, pillow protector, mattress protector, mattress topper, bed runner, cushion, bed skirting, towels, bathrobe, slippers.If something urgently, pls contact us first to discuss.

Other Table Linen Products

  • Cocktail Cover

    Spandex fabric,280gsm,exactly fitted for cocktail table,various colors for selection

  • Glass Cloth

    100% cotton sateen fabric,with red/orange/brown/purple/greenstripe ,non-falling fiber

  • Place Mat

    100% polyester,flax linen feeling,pinhole process,single layer,verious color available

  • Ribbon

    100% polyester,satin fabric,need to tie bowknot,variouis colors can be available

  • Napkin Rings

    Alloy material,gold or silver plating process, various design for selction

Table Linen FAQ Guide

Table linen is a covering and dressing up of your table.

There is a huge selection of table linen available in the marketplace.

Table linen can be ornamental coverings, as well as protect your table from scratches and stains.

You use table linen are designed to be spread over your table before laying out tableware, such as crockery and cutlery and glasses.

Table linen is a standard covering for a hotel’s tables in their dinning room or restaurant.

Tables can be dressed up with table linen to make the occasion special.

Table Linen

1.What Is Table Linen?

Table linen is used to cover your table before setting it for a meal.

They can be ornamental coverings, as well as protect your table from scratches and stains.

Other table linen is designed to be spread over your table before laying out tableware, such as crockery and cutlery.

Table linen such as table cloths, covers, skirting, runners and napkins are a standard covering for a hotel’s tables in their dinning room or restaurant.

2.What Is Banquet Linen?

Banquet linen is same as table linen that made by cotton,polyester,velvet,linen textile,like as table cloth, table cover,napkins and so on which is provide on service for caterers and organizers on food service.

3.What Is Food And Beverage Linen?

F&B linen is same as table linen which consist of table cloth, table cover,napkins,table runners,chair cover and so on that made by polyester,cotton,linen material which is using for offer service for caterers and organizers.

4.What Are The Four Categories Of Table Linen?

Table cloth: it is made by cotton or polyester with various colors and floral jacquard design which can be square,rectangle,round shape.It can be use for overlay,underlay,room dining services.

Table cover:normally there are 3 types,one is spandex fitted table cover,one is polyester with or without floral jacquard design with skirting,another one is flocked material.Mostly table cover is using in buffet,events,f&b and conference.

Chair cover:It is always produced by spandex fitted and polyester with or without floral jacquard design for banquet chair cove.

Ribbon:Tied on chair to enhance decor which is always made by organza or satin fabric.

Napkins:It is a square piece of fabric,like as cotton,polyester and linen,to wipe away the remaining food or drink from the mouth.

Place mat:It is a rectangle piece of fabric or PVC material with primary function to protect the table from stains and heat damage.

It also can be a nice decoration to increase the elegant looking on table setting.

Glass cloth:It is a rectangle pices of fabric made by cotton that is using for providing service for clients when drinking.

Table Runner:It is a oblong fabric using to increase decor for event table setting,similar like bed runner.

Table Skirting:the primary function same like as table cover,but table skirting with skirting to enhance decoration effect.

Stage Skirting:It is similar as bed skirting,it is using to cover the stage and change it’s looking which is always made by velvet or polyester fabric material.

4.What Are The Types Of Table Linen Used In Western Restaurant?

In western restaurant,table linen can be seen by cotton table cloth which is always by white color or blacke color,cotton napkins and place mat made by cotton or PVC.

5.What Are The Types Of Table Linen Used In F&B?

In food and beverage service, it can be seen table cloth,spandex fitted table cover,napkins,chair cover,place mat,glass cloths.

6.What Are The Types Of Table Linen Used In Events?

In events, it can be used table linen including overlay,underlay,napkins,chair cover,place mat,ribbon,table runner,table skirtings,table cover.

8.What Type Of Table Linen Using In Wedding?

In wedding events,the table linen you can find conclude overlay,underlay,napkins,chair cover,place mat,ribbion,table runner,table skirtings,table cover,stage skirting.

9.How Do You Place Table Linens?

  • Put the table cloth to cover the table
  • Put the table runner over the table cloth
  • Put the place mat on each seat
  • Put the napkin on the left of the plate

10.What Is The Purpose Of Dressing The Table With Linen?

There area many good reasons for having table linen for your table.

First,Table linen is used to decorate your table/s making them look smart and posh. Skirting, runners and napkins may be used to dress up your table.

Second,table linen can be used to create themes or festive atmospheres for events which delight diners and bring chances of returning to spending.

Third,table linen can effectively prevent staid and heat from table to keep your table always looking clean and elegant.

Table Linen

11.What Must You Consider When Buying Your Table Linen?

  • Color,The colour is very important, white color is the basic color,it can be used in any places.
  • Fabric Quality,The materials used to make the fabric for your table linenis really very important,it directly determine how long do these table last.
  • Floral Design:floral jacquard design on fabric can increase your dining room or restaurant taste and style.
  • Sewing level:Stitching quality will greatly affect the table linen looking and it also affect the lifespan of them.
  • Budget:base on your budget,contact your supplier to recommend the best choice.
  • Wash,you must select the material which one is easy to wash and remove the stain.

12.How Can You Tell Good Quality Linen?

First,the size is exactly fitted for table or chair to make them look elegant instead loose.

Second,sewing quality is good and looking nice.

Third,the fabric quality is good,especially to avoid use that type of yarn easy come out after wash or scratch.

Fourth,it is easy to remove stains.

13.What Are Features Of Table Linen?

  • Color and floral jacquard design must match dining room decoration.
  • It should be avoid too many colors to appear at the same time on one dining room.
  • There should be prepared several colors and floral jacquard design to match different type of events and meetings.
  • Overall, the linen should make the whole restaurant elegant and concise.

14.Can You Do Table Linen Rental?

We’re factory to manufacture table linen,but we don’t do linen rental.

15.What Are Table Linens Made Of?

  • Cotton,all day dining room and room service table cloth, napkins and place mat always produced by 100% cotton sateen fabric.
  • Polyester,plain or with floral jacquard design which is commonly using in events and banquets for overlay,underlay and chair cover,table runner.
  • Damask,it is always selected for overlay,underlay,table skirting,chair cover,table cover and stage skirting.
  • Flocked fabric,it is mostly appears in conference table cloth and table cover.
  • Spandex sketch fabric,it is the best choices for fitted chair cover and table cover which always are using in events and banquets.

16.What Is The Best Material Of Table Linen For Formal Occasion?

White color 100% cotton sateen fabric is mostly using in formal occasion which can make it more clean and elegant looking.

17.How Do You Buy Correct Size Table Linen?

  • Measure the table length and widthproperly or you can get the sizes from your banquet furniture supplier.
  • Make sure clearly how long you would like to drop the the linen.
  • For the skirting you will need to measure the width and depth and length you want around your table.
  • Table runners you will need to measure the length of the table with a over-hang.
  • Chair Cover,accurately measure the dimensions of each parts of the chair.

18.How Do You Care For Table Linens?

It will depend on the hotels protocol, some hotels will have washing facilities within the hotel and others will send out to laundries.

The preferred way is to have a laundry service, this procedure is more time effective and benefits with regards to destroying of germs and drying and pressing of the table linen.

  • Arranging washing as soon as possible once dirty to make the stain deep into fabric fiber;
  • Different type of fabric material,make sure wash by separately;
  • Warm water in gentle cycle is fineby machine wash with normal detergent;
  • Do not overload washerand dryer and make sure them without any rough areas which can cause of fabric snagging.

19.What Are The Most Common Stains Found On Table Linen?

  • Grease or oid stain
  • Coffee stain
  • Chocolate stain
  • Rust stain

20.How To Remove The Stain From Table Linen?

To remove stain from table linen,you can soak the table linen with stains in warm water with stain remove detergent first about 30 mins. And then put them in the washer by gentle cycle with normal detergent. Later,wash linen in 60 ℃ about 6 to 8 mins.

21.Does Soda Powder Remove Stains?

Yes,Soda powder can remove oil stains on the table linen. You can soak the table linen with soda powder in warm water for 30 mins first and then wash by washer.

22.Which Stain Is Difficult To Remove?

It is stubborn mold. To remove new mold spots,you can first brush the mold,and then rub it on the stain with laundry soap. For stubborn mold spots,wipe with alcohol and finally wash with enzyme-containing detergent.

If it appear large scales of stubborn mold, you had to replace these linens.

23.Do You Use Hot Or Cold Water For Stains?

It request hot water to soak table linen with stains to remove.

24.Can You Use Bleach On Table Linen?

Yes,but please split table linen into white color and other colors to wash and bleach beacause it is different.

25.How Do You Store Event Linens?

After wash and iron,it is better to use round tubes to hang over the table linen to avoid crease.

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