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Different Material & Purpose For Table Skirting

Table Skirting

100% polyester,plain fabric material,box style,with box pleated,solid color,various color for selection

Table Skirting

100% polyester,damask fabric material,box style,with box pleated,solid color,various color for selection

Table Skirting

100% polyester, flocking fabric material,box style, with box pleats,solid color, various colors available

Table Skirting

100% polyester,damask fabric material,with velcro,with box pleats,plain fabric or flocking fabric for selction

Table Skirting

100% polyester,damask fabric material,with velcro,with box pleats,plain fabric or flocking fabric for selction

Stage Skirting

100% polyester,damask fabric material, with velcro,with box pleats,satin fabric and flannel fabric available

Table Skirting Production Process

Step 1:table cloth fabric weaving;

Step 2:cutting fabric according to sizes requirement;

Step 3:sewing stitching for border;

Step4:quality inspection and package for finished goods.

Table Skirting Manufacturer

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Table Skirting

Table Skirting Care Instructions


All new table linen,including table cloth,table cover, table skirting,chair cover,napkins need to be washed before first use to remove the detergent and extra fiber which maybe bring from production process.

Normal Washing

  • Arranging washing as soon as possible once dirty to make the stain deep into fabric fiber;
  • Different type of fabric material,make sure wash by separately;
    Warm water in gentle cycle is fineby machine wash with normal detergent;
  • Do not overload washerand dryer and make sure them without any rough areas which can cause of fabric snagging.

Washing Badly Stained Products

  • Firstly,break-wash in clean cold water (up to 35ºC) with a touch of detergent to soften stainthat has dried upon the fabric.
  • Secondly,wash at 60 ℃ about 6 mins and 80 ℃ about 8 mins;
  • Third,sodiumpercarbonate may be added to aid the cleansing process if necessary.
  • A gradual cooling wash to prevent the the table linenfrom creasing.


Cotton fabric table cloth and napkins strongly suggest do starching after wash due to its good water absorption,which can avoid shape changing and creasing.


  • Make sure the dryer is in correct speed to avoid any stretched, distorted and glazed.
  • Very Important:Over 80℃drying temperatures can create permanent wrinkles.
  • Take away your table linen products when they just dry.

Warranty Period:

One Year/If it is not caused by artificial damage, washing damage or natural aging of the product, we will replace it without charge.


Sample production time: 7 days.

Cost: free for samples, we can supply you samples by free to do lab test or wash test before officila order to make sure quality. For delivery cost of samples, you can provide me your express account.

Production Lead Time:

Normally we need 30 days in production for full set of bed linens ,bath linens for one hotel project, including bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, pillow protector, mattress protector, mattress topper, bed runner, cushion, bed skirting, towels, bathrobe, slippers.If something urgently, pls contact us first to discuss.

Table Skirting FAQ Guide

Table skirts finish off your table making it look.

They are cloth coverings for the table edge used to hide unsightly legs and to make the table look more decorative

Table skirts come in panels.

They are hung along the front of the table and the two sides or any three sides depending on your need for the table.

Linen table skirts deliver a long-term return on investment, making them a great      choice for larger operations like caterers, banquet halls, and hotels. The impressive selection of linen table skirts features dozens of colors in the most common and versatile sizes. Follow these tips to find the right table skirting styles for your needs.

Table Skirting

1.What Is Table Skirting?

Table skirting can transform your table from dreary and drab to tidy and professional.

You can use table skirting for any occasion be it a banquet, wedding,meeting,business to show off your products.

Table skirting improves the whole look of the table.

2.What Is The Point Of Table Skirting?

Table skirting finishes off your table.

The fabric which is used for the sides of your able to help make it look more beautiful and finished off.

The main purpose is to hide your table legs,the fabric used covers over the legs completely.

Table skirting can be used for any tables.

3.Why Do YouNeed To Have Table Skirting Decoration In An Event?

The main reason to have table skirting is to cover the sides and legs of table

Table skirting hangs from the edge of your table to the floor, therefore hiding any sort of defects your table legs may have.

Other than that in event, the table skirting well decorative the whole event looking.

4.Are There Many Styles Of Table Skirting?

Yes,there are total 6 style of table skirting.

Shirred, Accordion, Box, Continuous, Banded,Bow Tie and Snap Drap.

5.Why Is Pleating Used In Table Skirting?

The fabric for pleating is gathered or folded together that creates a fuller silhouette.

6.What Are The Two Major Components Of Table Skirting?

It conclude top table cloth and skirting,table top cloth is a rectangle fabric cloth using to cover the table surface and to joint with the skirting.The skirting is using to cover the table legs.

5.How Do You Attach Skirting To a Table?

It is through by table skirting clip. There is hook side of velcro on the clip,while there is loop side of velcro on the skirting.So make the hook and loop sticker of the velcro stick together to attach skirting to the table.

6.How Many Table Skirt Clips Do I Need?

Each 30 centimeters,it request one clip,so divide the circumference by centimeter of the table by 30 to know how many clips demand for this table.

7.Are There Clips In Many Different Sizes?

Yes, to match different thickness of table, there are different size of clips,including 2.5cm,3.5cm,5cm,6cm and 7cm for width of clips. From material point,there are 2 types,one is made by metal,one is plastic.

8.How Do You Measure a Table Skirt Clip?

Table skirt clip size means the open width of the clip,different width of the opening of the clip match different thickness of table.

2.5cm width of clip fit for 2.0 to 2.7cm thickness of table.

3.5cm width of clip fit for 3.0 to 3.7cm thickness of table.

5.0cm width of clip fit for 4.0 to 6.0cm thickness of table.

Table Skirting

9.What Type Of Skirting Is Popular?

In wedding events, the fabric of table skirting is always made by very light and soft sheer fabric material, so the Shirred pleated will be in nice looking.

In hotel or restaurant dining room,it is always selected by box pleated to let it more formal.

10.What’s The Difference Between Table Cover With Skirting And Table Skirting?

Table cover with skirting is stitching together with surface cover cloth and skirting. Table skirting is split into cover cloth and skirting by 2 parts which need joint by clips.

From aesthetic point,these 2 are almost same.

From washing point,table skirting is easy to do wash because you need only wash cover cloth that is always dirty on surface,while skirting not need to wash each time.

11.How Do You Make a Rectangle Table Skirt?

Table skirting is made by 2 parts,one is cover table cloth,it is always drop about 20 to 30cm. For skirting,the height of skirting is same as the height of the table while the length of the skirting is the circumference of the table.

12.How Do You Make a Round Table Skirt?

For round table skirting,the table cover cloth is indeed same as overlay. And the height of skirting is same as the height of table,it is always by 75 to 76cm.The length of the skirting is the circumference of round table.

13.How Do You Tuck Tablecloth Corners?

If the skirting is shirred pleat,There is no need to specially pay attention on the corner.If it is box pleat,it is better to do the opening of the box on the corner which can make skirting in the corner looks smooth.

14.What Is The Purpose Of Table Skirting?

First, table skirting can prevent stains and heat damage on the table.

Second,table skirting cover the sides of the table and give a beautiful lookings to events.

Third,table skirting helps to hide something disorder for organizers.

15.Are There Many Types Of Fabric For Table Skirting?

Yes,for wedding, the table skirting is always made by sheer fabric material or satin fabric.

For hotel and restaurant event,it is always done by satin fabric,damask fabric or velvet material.

For stage skirting,mostly it is manufactured by satin fabric and velvet material.

16.What Fabric Is Best For Pleats?

For shirred pleat,the best fabric is light one, like as sheer fabric or satin fabric.

For other pleats,damask,satin and velvet can be nice choices.

17.How Big Should My Pleats Be?

The box pleats is always by 1 inch on table skirting.1 inch box pleats is the most fitted both in production and perfect looking.

18.Hoe Do You Buy The Correct Size Table Skirting?

For round and oblong table, the height of table skirting is the height of the table while the length of the table skirting is the circumference of the table. So that you need measure the height of the table and the lengh&width or the Diameter of the table.

For irregular table,i think you’d better get the sizes from the furniture supplier.

19.How Long Is The Table Skirting Cloth Need In a Long Table?

For an oblong table, the height of the table skirting is the height of the table,the length of the table skirting is the circumference of the table.

For example, oblong table size is 60x120x75cm,then the height of the table skirting should be 75cm. The length of the table skirting is 60×2+120×2=360cm. So the size of table skirting is 360x75cm.

20.How Long Is The Stage Skirting Need For a Stage?

The regular stage size is 122x244x40 to 60cm.It is always manufacture the stage skirting by 2 layer,one is 40cm,one is 60cm which can be folded to hide.

The length of the stage skirting is the circumference of the stage,like 122×244 stage,the length of the stage skirting should be 122×2+244=488cm.Why only plue 244cm,not 2 x244cm,it is because that side is always next to the wall.

21.Why It Demands Stage Skirting?

The stage is made by metal frame,it is really not look so nice.To hide its not perfect looking, it demands stage skirting.

Another side, different color of fabric using in skirting can increase the events or meetings atmosphere.

22.How Do You Clean Your Table Skirting?

It can be washed together with other table cloth. But after wash, the pleats need iron one by one,so that we recommend damask or velvet material to table skirting because these 2 fabric is soft and falling drop enough to make it easy to iron.

23.Can Put Table Skirting Into a Dryer?

Yes,it can be put in the dryer after wash. But we suggest not take away the table skirting is dry exactly,it should be take away when it is still a little damp to avoid crease.

24.Will The Velcro Damage Or Damage Other Fabric Wash Together?

Exactly not. The velcro on the table skirting is the loop side,it is soft and friendly to itself and other fabric.

25.Can You Mix And Match Your Table Skirting On Different Table?

Yes,if the circumference of table and height are same,it can be mixed to use on different tables.

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